October 21 DC: Piercing The Veil


Dates: October 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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Humanity is changing rapidly, creating a momentum for change that is no longer deniable nor stoppable. As we willingly walk to another precipice, we take a deep, loving breath of surrender, pause, and then jump into the unknown to pierce the veil between physical and non-physical. This is your moment to pierce and move through the veil of separation to fully embrace that you and your spirit are one and the same. Now is the time to accept that you will no longer feel alone. We have come to accept that we are more than physical, and through this honoring, we move through the veil of separation to naturally feel and live that we are and always have been connected with Source and all the beings of the spirit realm. We are at a time of living the marriage of spirit and form as one way of being to feel the beauty of what it is to be held as love.

To facilitate this transition from separation to wholeness, Ron will be guiding you into the following:

• Dissolving all that interferes with your piercing and living beyond the veil.

• Activating your ability to feel, sense, and experience yourself as a unified presence reflective of your spirit self.

• Opening to embody and relate within and as the non-physical realm of life.

• Gaining clarity on how to feel yourself as spirit first, foremost, and always.

• Feeling and knowing Divine consciousness as a natural way of being.

Join Ron for October’s 21 Day Catalyst as he creates the environment for you to pierce and step through the veil of separation, to open and activate within you the ability to create and live a life of knowing you ARE the eternal spirit and love you seek. He will guide you into the safety of surrendering and embracing your whole self and that you are one with all life and the Source of its creation.