May 21 Day Catalyst - The Power of Your First Incarnation


Dates: May 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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As we choose to move into the heart and soul of who you are, there is a yearning deep within that searches for higher meaning and purpose. This draw is to remember the true nature of who you are. This is a search for your origins, the moment of your first incarnation. You are drawn to the source of life because it is from this place you step into your creative power, the potential to create life, and the speed of intent.

To create the quality of life you seek, you must feel, become intimate with, and align with your true origins, the moment of your first incarnation. Once this connection is made, you awaken to your innate potential to create life at the speed of intent. The ability to manifest yourself and your life expressive of your true and whole self. At this moment, you will feel your inner light and power increase, and your creative abilities will grow exponentially.

During this 21 Day Catalyst, Ron will guide you in

• Aligning with your origins by clearing patterns and blockages to our earliest memories of who we are as an embodied spirit.
• Unite you with your capacity to feel and experience your core essence.
• Amplify your ability to align with your origins and the speed of creative choice.
• Bringing you into alignment with your higher self in all life experiences.

Join Ron for this powerful opportunity to remember, feel and experience how it is to live a life expressive of your true origins. Bringing you to live what you know your true original creative potential to be.