21 Day Catalyst
Power of the Dragon Realm


Dates: June 1st – 21st

Audio Webinar

Length: 21 30-Minute segments

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With the rapidly changing landscape of this world, we are now looking and reaching into the higher realms of dimensional truth more than ever before. We are no longer calling for other beings to do the work for us; we are looking to see the truth of truth, choosing to awaken and embody the power within.

This seeking has drawn the attention of the beings we call Dragons. These are not the Dragons of medieval lore, but beings of vast wisdom and power of the higher realms of truth, clarity, love, and a steadfastness embodied as only they know how. These beings, and others, have been observing all that awakening humanity has been striving to become. Just as the Angels, Avatars, and Masters are, these beings are presenting to support these next stages of our evolutionary growth.

The energy of the dragon is powerful, fearless, and wise. It is a deeply loving, peaceful, and compassionate presence unwavering in knowing itself. They embody the highest levels of truth and the will to be fearlessly present no matter the situation. Their energy is that of higher dimensional realities that they live as with absolute clarity of intent and beingness.

Join Ron for June’s 21 Day Catalyst as we have been invited to connect with these beings of higher vibrational truths and ways of being. Immersing us in the energy of their true nature, reminding us of who we have always been and are on the cusp of becoming.