Healing Through the Pandemic of the Coronavirus


Date: March 25, 27, 29
April 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19
Start Time: 1:00 PM MT
End Time: Previously Recorded
Length: 60 minutes

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We are at a moment in time where humanity is being tested beyond what most have ever experienced before. For the first time in modern memory, people in this world have very few places to hide to avoid this viral pandemic. It is time to realize we live in a world where we must now acknowledge and feel that we all breathe as one symbiotic organism. We can no longer ignore that what one is going through is in isolation from the whole. It is now time for us to evolve and accept the truth that we are part of a larger matrix that creates and supports life on this planet. Honoring that everyone breathes the same air and drinks the same water, to believe we are separate from each other is no longer an option. We are of one Spirit and Source of Love, and we are of One Higher Truth.

With the rate of spread of this virus and the world having to react in very drastic ways, we as a global community must take this time to dig deep into the true nature of who we are and what brought this pandemic into form. In times of crisis, we can either shrink and withdraw, or we can stand up and bring forth our best selves. This moment is one of these times when we must step into the light of the truth of who we are, awakening the giant within. Bringing into action the creation of an environment of love, nurturing, and change. Awakening the world to move in the direction of creating a true global family. We have been separated for far too long, and our spirits are pushing us to become the loving beings we are.

To help people through this time of great challenge, my team and I have chosen to offer our support by offering a frequency healing mediation intensive series. This program will consist of:

  • Three frequency healing meditations per week
  • Approximately 30 minutes in length with a 30 min Q&A afterwards
  • Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for 30 days
  • We are also airing these healing meditations with Ron on Facebook Live or Instagram Live

This program is designed to release mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that are directly related to what is being triggered by this pandemic. Ron will be releasing root causal issues that reside within your family lineage, past life instabilities, current destabilizing issues, and any other influences that are contributing to the feeling of being afraid and out of control. This program will increase and strengthen your ability to be grounded, stable, and resilient in all of life’s situations.

Through Ron’s ability to work as a transformational architect of the human-spirit system as a whole and his ability to find the core issues for individuals and a group dynamic, this promises to be a profoundly transformational experience. Please join Ron in creating a true family dynamic to elevate humanity to live in the New Paradigm of our New Human Consciousness