Healing From the True Pandemic - Fear and the Coronavirus


Date: March 17, 2020

Start Time: 8:00 PM MT

End Time: 8:45 PM MT

Length: 45 minutes

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This world is transforming at a breakneck rate. Everything we have leaned into for stability is showing us that it is not as reliable as we hoped, nor should it ever have been. Everything in life is an opportunity for us to awaken to and embody the very essence of our infinite potentiality. This pandemic is one of those transformational opportunities.

Yet, not everyone is moving into this situation with reverence and grace. For many, it is bringing the most imbalanced aspect of themselves forward. To move through the current situation, it would help if we asked ourselves, “Who am I, and how do I bring my purest, most awakened self forward?” These questions will help us to lead the wave of change for a better world. As the mechanism of fear disperses, the person awakens, creating the opportunity to live from a center of truth and vitality, activating the ability to engage all life situations from a balanced and reverent space of what is and what can be, not from a place of catastrophic demise.

As a result of the impact on humanity of this global event, Ron has chosen to offer a Free Frequency Healing Intensive. The purpose of this FHI is to clear what is creating the fear pandemic we are experiencing. During this event, he will also include the global family, supporting the collective consciousness to awaken and activate the whole human, spirit, body, and mind to align at a higher level of optimal operational efficiency and capacity to thrive.