Global Transformation
The Pure Nature of Father


Date: June 16, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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This Global Transformation will honor the Pure Essence of Father as well as the beauty and joy of his love as its expressed through strength. With humanity living within a patriarchal society for many millennia it’s time to open to the masculine presence in a new and more truthful light. When the patriarchy stepped into the forefront, society began to experience a change that brought forth ever increasing levels of intensity and conflicts. Over time this lead to increased violence and ultimately war. At this point humanity stepped into a framework comprised of a conquer or be conquered mentality. This was often touted as a man’s expression of who he is and how he cares for his family and his tribe. No matter how it was seen eventually men stepped away from the true nature of their strength and power choosing instead to use raw strength to overpower and overcome what was before them. Men progressively stepped away from the true nature of love and compassion. Even if it was the cost of their Soul and the true qualities that make a man great.

What it is to be male and embody the true essence of a father figure, is something far more than most ever sit with. Like the essence of female, a male must embrace all that he truly is and release all that he is not. We must step into the light of truth to see what we have become, and look deep into our fear, pains, and despair. We must take pause, surrender, and feel the depth of what is within us that we have been ignoring. With complete and unconditional love, we must accept the truth of how we have been acting, good and bad. We can then surrender all that we feel with this, then open the door to welcome in the truth of what it is to be male. We can then feel and explore all of the pure qualities of being a loving, strong father figure in a world that is in dire need of Pure Loving  Strength.

During this Global Transformation, Ron will be working with all levels of what a Father is and is not. He will be addressing causes of an unnatural expression of masculine energies and how they are expressed:

  • Weakness vs Vulnerability
  • Discipline vs Guidance
  • Control vs Support
  • Force vs Power
  • Courage
  • Love and its Strength
  • Masculine Nurturing
  • Balance of Feminine and Masculine within all of us.
  • and much more

Throughout this program Ron will then be instilling the frequencies and essence of pure male/fatherly qualities, balancing the relationship of male and female within each person, all while activating your ability to live the highest qualities of the Pure Nature of Father and Love As His Strength.