Global Transformation
Resurrection As a Life Skill


Date : April 19, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length : 00 minutes

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As we look at the calendar, we notice seasons, holidays, and various honored events. All of which have their meaning and purpose to people, religions and various spiritual and life practices. We are now in the season of spring and the time of the religious expression of resurrection. The death and rebirth of Jesus the Christ Being. But if we step to a higher vantage point to look at spring and resurrection, we can see something different. That the process of resurrection has become a sacralized event, even though it’s just a natural part of life cycles. When we clear religious, spiritual and other historical influences from resurrection, it is merely the process of the following:

  • Allowing an old cycle to come to its natural conclusion.
  • Embracing the entire experience.
  • Integrating the changes resulting in the experience.
  • Embodying the changes.
  • Birth yourself in your new, more expansive form.

This process of life, death, and rebirth is depicted in the journey of the Phoenix. The process of its life cycle is one of innate knowing of what it is. It knows who it is, it has its life experience, and it knows the timing of its death. As its cycle comes toward closure, it instinctively prepares its bed, places itself in this bed and chooses to raise its body temperature until it burst into flames. Consuming its old life and identity in the flames, only to resurrect itself anew from the fertile soil of its embraced past life.

The process of resurrection is a double edge sword. When used wisely, it can cut through the deepest and darkest areas of our pain and shame, while awakening us to our full potential. It can also be used to open us to, the greatness that lies within, helping us to break out of the shackles that bind and limit us. Either way, resurrection is a source of freedom, true freedom. Not just freedom to do whatever we want, but the freedom to engage the wisdom of our experiences to become the ever-evolving beings we are meant to be.

This Global Transformation will be unraveling our relationship with the life cycle we fear so much. Releasing unhealthy influences from family, friends, and society. While opening our ability to sense, with greater detail, how the world view of this life cycle affects you personally. Then, opening your awareness of how your personal view progressively influences everyone and everything within your immediate surroundings as well as how it continually expands into the global landscape.