Global Transformation
Owning the Power of Your Pure Awakened Spirit


Date: September 21, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 50 minutes

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We are living at a time in human history when it is more important than ever for each individual to step into their authentic power, not the human egoic sense of power, but the power of a pure awakened spirit. With the world stage presenting increasing levels of discourse, now more than ever is the time to change the course of human life. To do this, each of us must awaken to the pure spirit power that resides within, embody this potential, and begin to live this power in order to align humanity with its highest potential and  brilliance.

This Global Transformation will clear the way and engage the ability of all participants to own the true nature of power. Ron will be releasing your fears and limiting beliefs about power while igniting the flames of raw, innate passion, to bring forth your pure spirit power for the benefit of all. This will lay the foundation for a world full of potential and brilliance brought forth with grace.