Global Transformation
Marriage of the Feminine & Masculine Divine


Date: July 28, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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Within the arena of life, we are here to experience ourselves in ways that are unique and specific to the Essence of our Spirit. Yet, the way we are raised, what the world shows us, and how we interpret this information shapes how we see ourselves and the world around us. Without any disrespect or disregard to life circumstances, most people do not have a clear understanding of what it is to be a healthy male or female. We know what we know, we see what we see, and we are exposed to what we are exposed to, but what is the truth within it all? How do we find it, and how do we live it?

In May, we moved into the Pure Essence of Mother, the raw, pure, and powerful nature of her limitless love and nurturing. While honoring her unwavering commitment and guidance to bring life to its highest level of expression. We then accessed her unwavering courage to protect that which is priceless with all that she is, even her life. Then in June, we embraced the Pure Nature of Father, the power of his love expressed as strength, perseverance, and fearlessness to do what needs to be done, no matter what. To move through anything with clear and pure intent and will of his love as his driving force of service to the end, with the highest regard for what is most precious.

Within these programs, we began to clean up the distortions that affect how we see each, how they behave, and how they influence our relationship with ourselves and others. We then cleaned up the imbalanced and distorted understandings of each, opening to a clear and true awareness and essence of each. Now we open the door to what the marriage of the feminine and masculine actually is and the potential this union can create.

The marriage of the two has little to do with a human male marrying a human female. This is a reverent and active relationship that honors the embracing of truth. The truth of what it is to be feminine and masculine and how to experience living with these energies as foundational, creative truths. When understood and tempered with wisdom and compassion, they can be used as limitless forces of creation and expression to foster the true nature of what it is to be a Divine Vessel of radiant love. Guiding all other life to reach its full potential within each and every moment.

During this Global Transformation, we will be awakening to and aligning with what it is to embrace and embody the Marriage of the Feminine and Masculine Divine. Clearing the impression of what it is to be female and male as we see and experience our parents and the social environments we spent the most time in growing up. The makeup of the family structure is not important, although it can be influential. What is important is the degree of self-awareness and willingness to strive to become the best possible expression of yourself.

This program itself will be a powerful stand-alone webinar. If you have not participated in Mother, Embracing Her Pure Essence and The Pure Nature of Father, part of the Global Transformation Series, and would like to take this to the next level I recommend purchasing these programs as well.