Global Transformation: Global Balance from Extreme Living


Date : April 13, 2020

Start Time : 8:00 PM MT

End Time : 9:00 PM MT

Length : 60 minutes

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Life is filled with a multitude of mysteries as well as known truths. A natural aspect of life often forgotten is the alignment with innate rhythms and cycles from which to visualize, plan, and create our lives. Bringing forth a life rich and expansive in opportunities and experiences, each supportive of the natural capacity we have to experience, grow and evolve birthing the next best expression of our infinite potential. The birth of this new program, Global Transformation, is an expression of this very truth. The Transformational Group Healings came to an evolutionary point, and it was either time to allow it to come to a close or support it evolving to something more expressive of the changing times in which we live, I chose the later.

I have been finding that what humanity as a whole is yearning for, is the ability to reach our limitless potential without conflict and struggle. Leading us to the knowing that the path to awakening and healing is expanding beyond the personal point of view, to the act of acknowledging the affects our lives have on the whole of humanity.

Now is the time, for those who are ready and willing, to spread our wings and fly. For this to happen we must consider the following:

  • The environment that influences the skies we sore through.
  • The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on.
  • The people we live with and around.
  • How the human species moves beyond primitive motives and behaviors to that of evolving Spirits.

The winds of change are upon us, will humanity jump off or stay home? Those who have chosen the path of awakening have chosen to fly. Welcome to Global Transformation: Bringing Personal Awakening to Global Consciousness. Join me as we step into the future of human evolution today. This program will release you from past ways of seeing and being in the world, opening you to the limitless possibilities that are within each of us. Awakening everyone to a presence of being that is reflective of your true potential realized through the life you choose to live.

During this Global Transformation event, Ron will shine a light on the magnitude of these imbalances and highlight many of the forms they take. As he releases the causes of these distortions, he will be instilling the frequencies to awaken your innate nature of living a life of harmony within. Bringing awareness to the reflection of who you truly are and what the world has the ability to become.