February 21 DC: Stepping Into the Heart of Your Multi-Dimensionality


Dates: February 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM MT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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We are stepping into ways of seeing life that exceed what we know at every level. As new paradigms form and the way we think and feel expand and evolve, it’s time to honor that we are becoming multi-dimensional within the scope of how we know ourselves and the foundation of life itself. We are stepping into the realm of life through the lens that the Divine knows all life to be and live.

What does this all mean? Being multi-dimensional means that there are more ways to live, create, and heal than our three-dimensional viewpoint of life can create. We are moving into a time when we can begin to access a way of seeing ourselves, life, and others that transcends our current definitions of life. Now is our time to step into the heart and soul of our potential.

To support this shift in human consciousness, this 21 Day Catalyst is designed to activate and bring to embodiment that you ARE a heart- centered multi-dimensional being. During our time together, Ron will guide you through awakening your body’s multi-dimensional genetics, DNA, and your infinite capacity to create. He will then align this with its true spirit potential to create a higher state of consciousness that is expressive of being a multi-dimensional human. This will bring forth your ability to see, feel, sense, and know yourself and how to live, and is expressive of your ability to change the world by changing yourself and your view of life.