21 Day Catalyst
Awakening Your True Heart Frequency


Dates: February 1st – 21st

Audio Webinar

Length: 21 30-minute segments

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To bring more of your true self into this world, we must have an intimate relationship with the nature of what our heart truly is, a vehicle of loving expression. Your heart is the vessel through which your Spirit’s essence and will are expressed in this physical world. During February’s 21 Day Catalyst, Ron will guide you through a healing journey of self-discovery and embodiment of your heart’s true calling, so you can live your Spirit’s desires as they become known to you.

This program is 21 days of a live, empowering 30-minute Frequency Healing Immersion offered at 7:00 pm MT, accessible via audio webinar and phone throughout the world. During each 30 minute immersion, Ron will guide you into a deep state of presence that will bring you into a more expanded, detailed, and grounded relationship with your body and spirit. Throughout this time, Ron will tap into the group energy and the collective dynamic as a whole, recognizing core fundamental issues and foundational areas that need addressing, as well as multiple subgroup dynamics. He then creates the frequencies necessary to begin the healing, transformation, and awakening process that affects all participants as a whole and individually on numerous levels.

Because Ron’s work is generated within the timeless expanse of spirit, it transcends space and time, creating a transformational benefit no matter when you listen to the recording. Participating in this program facilitates your ability to access this healing environment in which Ron lives and works, clearing the way for you to make this timeless space your own. In turn, many people have found it beneficial to play the recordings on low on a loop while sleeping or working around their homes to accelerate this opening.