Core Radiance
Vitality: Living Your Life with Energy to Spare


Date: April 28, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 55 minutes

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Vitality seems to be a commodity in short supply these days. People are chronically fatigued and drained to the point that they are finding it difficult to deal with the simplest of tasks. If you are questioning why it’s because this is not your natural state of being. We are not built to be in any form of chronic deficit. This lack is a reflection of not being aligned with and living within our core integrity and system of valuation. If we are out of our center, we are not able to tap into and embody the essence of our vital nature and that source of potential and power.

To become a radiant expression of vitality, let’s look at how it is defined:

vitality | vīˈtalÉ™dÄ“  |

  • The state of being strong and active; energy: changes that will give renewed vitality to our democracy.
  • The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things: the vitality of seeds.

In other words, vitality is the power to persevere in any and all situations. To step bravely into that innate impulse to continue, no matter what is happening within and around you, without fear of the outcome. It is a source of energy, that once embodied, is recognizable as an absolute presence of being that invigorates your entire self that becomes palpable to others through your very existence. Regardless of what you are doing, big or small, its essence will fill and invigorate the space and all in it.

During this Core Radiance, Ron will be clearing limiting patterns and beliefs, anything that interferes with your ability to align with and embody the vitality that supports the continuance of life, all life. Then he will be instilling the core frequencies for your entire being to be able to bring forth all of your choices and actions as an embodied expression of your vital and radiant self. Once this is awakened our lives become supercharged, from our body’s ability to heal, regenerate and thrive, to our spirit’s ability to bring its essence into and through this physical world with grace and ease. This and more is why we are here.