Core Radiance
Illuminating the Soul Series


Date: December 19th, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 65 minutes

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Our world’s essence is changing rapidly with no clear impression of where we will end up. Things may feel out of control, but the truth is, we have a great capacity to shift the way we live in the direction of our choosing. The recent election cycle has made clear that society’s desires for itself are almost equally divided. We are collectively uncertain of what to choose as a foundation. Will we continue on the path of power-over and corruption, or are we courageous enough to step into the grace of the unknown and experience the potential and beauty that lives within each of us? At our core, we know who we are. We are kind, loving, caring, understanding, compassionate, and peaceful. Yet we don’t sit within our stillness long enough to become these truths.

At this moment, more of us are choosing healthy connectivity. If we are patient and willing to be compassionate towards ourselves and others, this transformation can be an incredible experience. It can become a journey of discovery and illumination into the nature of who we are and what it truly is to be human. Any choice of action will have its ups and downs, just as our formative years did, but if we are committed to change for the better, the ride will be well worth it.

So, if humanity is wholly following the convictions of our hearts and souls, where do we go from here, and how do we move forward?

We begin through:

  • Developing a grounded and agile working relationship with the feelings and emotions we use to express ourselves.
  • Releasing the disruptive inner influences that are destabilizing us emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Clearing up the history of what we carry that continues to hold us back in the present.
  • Breaking free of our conditioning-lineage, local and global social influences, and past lives, so we can more honestly and accurately see ourselves for who we truly are and the world around us for what it truly is.
  • Living authentically and creating a healthy balance within our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

During this program, Ron will help you develop a profound and healthier relationship with your feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, and actions by guiding you through a series of powerful healing meditations. He will begin with a deep purification process followed by an energetic immersion into your creative and expressive abilities to live a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. The next two healing meditations will be a quick, in-the-moment clearing, aligning and balancing your whole person to help you bring your best self into any life situation.