Core Radiance
Expanding Your Inner Light: Giving Your DNA Wings


Date: January 26, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 65 minutes

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As humanity ascends to its next level of consciousness, our biology must become expressive of the transformations that will be taking place. If our bodies do not align with our growth in consciousness, we will begin to experience increased instabilities within how our mind, body, and spirit operate together as a cohesive unit. Because our bodies are inexorably linked to our spirit-self, it is necessary support the body in its process of evolution.

How we live spiritually, socially, psychologically, and physically must be a natural and healthy expression of the pure eternal beauty of our spiritual nature. We need to evolve in a manner that is highly and accurately reflective of our vital, radiant self. It is necessary that our base programming “our spirit, energy systems, and DNA” be an efficient, healthy, and vital reflection of our awakened spirit. It has become necessary for us to generate ourselves in a manner that supports a life of transformational evolution. If we do not, life as we know it will become increasingly more unstable and chaotic than it already is. Our current state of crisis is an outcropping of how humanity has ineffectively adjusted to its increased technological advancements and growth in consciousness.

For this to happen, Ron will be going deep into the essence of our human nature and cosmic life history, clearing all patterns, programs, and distorted influences that have moved us away from a limitless vision of ourselves and the true nature of life.

Ron will open everyone to:

  • Embracing that we are spirits having a human experience, not the other way around
  • Accepting that we have chosen to experience bringing the limitless nature of our spirit into the limited framework of a human  body
  • Aligning our biological systems to handle higher frequencies, amplified sensory awareness, increased operational capacities, and the ability to be reflective of the higher truth of who we are and the true nature of life
  • Awakening the DNA to operate in an ever-evolving manner with greater efficiency and effectiveness; creating the freedom for our DNA, through our Spirit’s guidance, to function from a limitless platform

Ron designed this Core Radiance to accelerate your body’s ability to be a beautifully reflective expression of your vital and radiant Spirit; to bring forth the awareness of your ability to soar to ever-expanding heights in this life and beyond.