Core Radiance
A New Radiant You: Bringing Forth Your Luminant Self


Date: January 9, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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This initial event of the Core Radiance Series will be focusing on awakening your body’s ability to become a bright, radiant expression of your Spirit. This evening’s program will bring forth the true essence of what Radiance is. Awakening and instilling the core programming that supports you in becoming truly expressive of your creative and expressive process. All that you are as Spirit is meant to be brought forth fully into and through your human form. The challenge that most people have is that what manifests into and through their bodies and life is not what they wish to see. As a result, people focus on correcting the outer image without addressing the inner programming and patterning that brings forth what is seen.

To truly present and project into the world the Pure Awakened Essence of your Spirit, it is necessary to clean up the inner landscape and correct the imbalances in how the Spirit is creating and projecting itself like the human body. Once this process is awakened, optimized, and activated what is seen in this world is a true expression of your Spirit as a living animation of itself in form.

During this event, Ron will be clearing what interferes with the natural process of your Spirit’s capacity to express itself fully in any form it chooses. He will be addressing foundational issues associated with being a vibrant and magnificent reflection of your Spirit Essence in form. Moving through the journey of your ever-evolving and expressive self as we come together in support of each other in Awakening to our Infinite Potential.

Manifestation is only a step in the process of creation. It is remembering that it’s not the thing that brings us any lasting and truly meaningful sense of peace and happiness. It is the process of connecting with who we are and how we wish to experience expressing ourselves that is the nature of manifestation.

When we feel the incompleteness, we are not meant to bring something forth to cover it up or distract ourselves temporarily from it. We are here in this world to manifest the truest, purest essence of our Spirit in the world of form.

To experience what it is to bring the majesty of our Brilliant and Awakened Spirit to life. Just as we are a Magnificent and Luminescent Manifestation of Pure Source as it’s Grandest.

– Ron Damico