Core Matrix
The Dance of Spiritual Immunity – A Four-Part Series


Dates: September 18th & 25th, October 9th & 16th, 2021

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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Immunity and how we address the immune system itself have taken on a whole new meaning since the onset of covid. How it is affecting the body systems and the way it is being treated is a dance of bringing awareness to overall health and wellness, what that is, and how to address the scope of immune function and our quality of life.

Over the recent years, humanity has been experiencing a rise in various illnesses, autoimmune issues, food sensitivities, environmental allergies, toxicity issues from exposure to chemical pollutants, disruptions from EMFs, and more. Add emotional and psychological stressors from work-life challenges, economic instability, and personal and relational struggles, and the stress to the body increases exponentially. We live in a world that has lost its way spiritually. The world has begun to feel increasingly devoid of its soul, compassion, empathy, and love for the very nature of life itself. The world as a whole is becoming more toxic in ways we never could have imagined. How do we address this to bring our lives and souls back into balance?

It’s time to look at the body and our fundamental nature from the standpoint of the dance of spiritual immunity. Spiritual immunity is centered around addressing all aspects of what makes us human under the guidance and regulation of our spirit. To support our rapidly changing, chaotic world and the rate of growth of human potential, it has become apparent that we must address the whole person, not just its parts.

Within this multi-part series, Ron will be addressing the full spectrum of the human and its systems of checks and balances. He will be addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and energetics of the governing system of spiritual immunity. Each part must be complete within itself to bring each system to its highest functional potential, preparing it all to be directed by
the lead conductor—your spiritual immune system. Through this unique process Ron has developed, you will be aligned with your innate ability to live a well-rounded life in a healthy, balanced, and efficient manner. With each system harmonized and integral within itself and in relationship to each other, it becomes easier to move through life’s challenges with a higher rate of recovery, integration, and growth.

Each one hour module is spread out over four Saturdays during September and October. You can join at any time during the series as Ron works within a timeless space.

Part One will focus on the emotional and feeling aspect of our immune system. With the present state of dynamic verbal rhetoric and what it is doing to either trigger or manipulate you into a state of unrest, it has become essential for us to find our center point of calm within the area of feelings and emotions. Most of what we see, read, and hear creates a significant upheaval of unresolved experiences that trigger outbursts that most don’t have the tools to navigate in a healthy manner.

During Part One, Ron will help you dissolve the unresolved inner chaos and patterning that brings forth such disruption to your quality of life. He will instill in you the natural frequencies and core energetic operating systems needed to bring you more balance, so you can be more grounded and rational as you step into any life challenges.

Part Two will bring to center stage the mental component of your immunity. For thousands of years, we have been brought up to believe that in order to survive in this world, we must think our way into finding solutions to our problems. What if there are no problems to resolve but opportunities to find creative ways of expressing and experiencing our true spiritual potential? If so, we could bring forth our ability to function with more stability and navigate this world with greater ease and joy. We could exponentially increase our ability to thrive without the chaos and noise of random thoughts and concerns.

Within Part Two, Ron will facilitate the cleaning of imbalanced and inaccurate thinking used to not only think and problem solve, but to hold referenced impressions of the self, others, and the life process as a whole. The current lens of imbalanced and inaccurate thinking brings rise to more profound physical and emotional disruptions, which gives rise to various forms of disease and illness. Ron will help you navigate these releases as he opens you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually through a range of higher truths. He will be immersing you in organized frequency dynamics to bring into conscious action your ability to see, feel, sense, and think about yourself and the world in a whole new light.

Part Three will focus on the essence of physical immunity. You may begin to realize that physical immunity is more than you thought. The physical immune system not only protects us from external pathogens, toxins, cuts, bruises, and breaks, but it’s also a system of checks and balances for the glands, organs, fluids, central nervous system, and cellular generation. Yet this system is also profoundly influenced by our emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

In this part, Ron will bring the physical immune state to a level of balance required for a healthy and stable physical body and life. He will raise you to a state that will increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your body’s ability to handle the physical nature of life. With greater strength, resilience, and ease, your potential in all areas of your life will increase.

Part Four will focus on bringing it all together with the unity of your spirit self. Ron will be aligning you with all aspects of the previous three parts with the main character in your life’s journey: your spiritual immune system, the true essence of who you are. This part will focus on supporting the previous three aspects of immunity in aligning with the guidance of your spiritual self. The harmonious, synchronistic orchestration of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature becomes symbiotic, highly tuned components in creating who you are and how you live in this world.

During this time together, Ron will be addressing the final areas of imbalance within the body, mind, and emotions to support seamless integration with the spirit. This will bring you to the highest levels of functioning for the next steps toward living in wholeness. He will create an environment for your spiritual self to manifest all aspects of your body and being to operate together. This will bring the memory of perfect unification into an active form, allowing you to create your healthiest and best quality of life.