Core Matrix
PTSD – A Two-Part Series


Date: May 29th & July 10, 2021

Audio Webinar

Length: Two 60 minute segments

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Part 1

PTSD and its causes differ from person to person. It can surface due to a sudden catastrophic event or from repetitive exposure to disruptive and destabilizing events. No matter the cause, PTSD is a serious issue that has been plaguing humanity for millennia. In our modern era, we have seen a rapid increase of PTSD as life stressors continue to escalate. Unfortunately, many people have little to no skill set for working through and releasing stressors and traumas.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic this past year, we have seen significant increases in PTSD resulting from fear of illness and dying, confusion around who to trust,   and anger at those in power who are outright lying to get their agendas met. All of this and more has created a life-threatening cocktail of stress with little to no sign of resolution.

At present, there is no straightforward cure for PTSD, only various methods of medical treatment which can include multiple forms of psychological therapies and medication. So how do we resolve the onslaught of PTSD? We get to the root of the imbalance, the truth of the issue. Resolution comes when we identify the destabilizing issue, address it, and move into strengthening the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. The result is a more vital and resilient person who has developed the skills to hold his or her integral nature during challenging life events. This awakens the person to know and embody that he/she is a “spirit having a human experience.”

You must remember that all life experiences are opportunities to know your true self. Through each experience, you are getting to know yourself by learning how to clarify your intent. You will eventually cease doubting yourself and settle deeply into an absolute knowing of who you really are. This will change your relationship with all of life and all that can occur.

During this Core Matrix, Ron will energetically support the group in releasing stress patterns and various forms of trauma. This will create a more open and clear experience of a healthy and whole you. He will then walk the group through a healing meditation designed to help heal deeper imbalances created by these traumas. He will open you to your innate ability to sustain your core stability during challenging life events.

By getting to the root of the imbalances, we can resolve the onslaught of PTSD. We can equip people with a skill set for working through and releasing stress and trauma, and strengthening the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Part 2

As with all imbalances and destabilizing events in life, we must find our way back to wholeness. To do this, we must transcend the wounds we’ve experienced to find the true nature of who we are and live as an experiential, eternal being. PTSD, at its simplest of levels, is a tool for self-awareness and growth. As we explored previously in Part 1, we aligned with the nature of our true self and the interconnectedness of all life.

We are at a point in human history where we must begin to move more passionately and purposefully into the knowing that we are one extended family of limitless love and beauty. We must embrace the fact that we are stronger together than alone. In life, we must walk the path of experience for ourselves on our own two feet. But that does not mean we must do it alone without loving support and guidance along the way. Each of us must make our own choices within our unique personal journey, but we are not designed to do this in a vacuum of isolation.

Another transformational moment for humankind is at hand, a moment of choice between who we think we are, which is often determined by how others perceive us to be or want us to be to support their personal ideas of who they are and want to be seen. The second choice is who we wish to become, which is expressed through that inner knowing or gut feeling that we are more or different than what we or others think we are. Humanity is truly on a path of awakening, to embodiment, to ultimately becoming its true spiritual essence. The path to freedom from PTSD is walking into and through the pain of the past while opening our eyes to the potential of what we can become. We are stepping away from the misunderstandings—and even lies—about who we are as a species, taking a risk to seek something we do not fully understand. We are breaking the bonds of limiting beliefs and stepping into the light of truth. We are beings of limitless potential and passion, focusing on forming the true nature of life. We are the creators of the universe striving to bring the infinite potential of our spirit essence into form.

During Part Two of this PTSD series, Ron will expand your awareness of the nature of trauma, dissolve inaccurate patterns of beliefs surrounding it, and facilitate the healing of past wounds. He will guide you into integrating incomplete experiences of the past that have left disrupting influences and distorted ideas about who you are and the nature of life. He will then align you with your ability to embody yourself in all moments of life. This will enable you to find a deeper knowing of yourself as the courageous, powerful, whole, and harmonious being of love and peace you have always been.