Core Matrix
Procrastination: Shattering the Pattern of Mediocrity


Date: April 7, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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As social and work demands increase and technologies grip on our time and attention ramps up, procrastination has become an increasingly pervasive issue. Procrastination is a product of fear, overwhelm and all their sibling emotions. This requires attention that is taking away from our ability to experience a full, rich and prosperous life.

This increasing overwhelm, and the challenge of keeping up with the “to dos” in life is bringing people to an internal wall of resistance, hesitancy, and doubt which can and often does become crippling. These walls create more stress, self-judgment, and quite often shame that makes it increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves to do anything to change our lives. Sometimes these patterns are ours, while others are from family lineage, as well as social patterns of suppression and control. It’s time to break these patterns and cycles of oppression and fear to bring forth the exuberance of living a life without limits.

During this Core Matrix, Ron will be clearing the deepest influences of these limitations and their outcroppings. He will also be breaking the shackles of historical and current social constraints that tell us who we are and who we are not. Releasing the influences of the collective auric field that diminishes our magnificence. He will begin by clearing:

  • Blocks to seeing the bigger picture.
  • Fear of failure and success.
  • Overwhelm from the “to-dos.”
  • Difficulties in planning and execute projects, workload, and life dynamics.
  • Challenges of staying focused on what is before you.

The focus will then move to awakening your:

  • Creative potential.
  • Visionary abilities.
  • Joy for life.
  • Desire to be of service.
  • Awareness of Beauty in all of life.
  • Bodies, ability to be resistant, healthy and strong.

This Core Matrix will be a powerful event of awakening your innate and pure creative potential, expressing itself through all areas of your life in all its wondrous forms.