Core Matrix
New Years' Reset: A Clean Slate for 2020


Date: December 31, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 75 minutes

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Now is the time to set the stage to live your most amazing and fulfilling life. During this past year, we have observed and experienced some of the most transformational dynamics in human history. Virtually every social norm and ideal has been challenged and dismantled with a purposeful manipulation of truth and reality for the sake of personal agenda and convenience. This has been occurring at a scale never been experienced before. As we watch the world unravel before our very eyes, there is an increased yearning for a higher truth to be lived at every level of human existence.

This New Years’ Reset is a chance to bring the past to rest and close the doors to everything that reduces our ability to shine. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the creation of a wave of transformation that will change the very nature of life as we know it.

During this Core Matrix, Ron will bring into motion a level of transformation that will:

  • Clear the roots of the old paradigm associated with what it is to be human
  • Purge limiting and controlling influences, past and current, freeing each person to fulfill openly and authentically their Infinite Potential
  • Remove conscious and unconscious influences from family, culture, society, economics, religion, spirituality, politics, and government; influences that are by design meant to control and limit your ability to live an awakened life
  • Awaken and bring in the frequencies of limitless possibilities and potential so you can live a life of abundant grace and joy

During this event, you will step out of the cycle of empty mental gymnastics of superficial change and ignite within you your pure spirit impulse to only live your highest quality life. We are moving beyond the psychological construct of making a resolution to change and stepping into a state of permanent change that will support your ability to live your most authentic and powerful life.

This event will open and awaken you to your ability to experience your true nature and Infinite Potential in all areas of life. You will be immersed in the frequencies of perpetual transformation and ever-increasing dimensions, experiencing how it feels to live limitlessly. Now is the time to activate your spirit’s highest impulse to become your purest self.

We are contributing to the wave of global transformation taking shape in our time. We are the agents of change. Use this as the spark to ignite the passion within to create a world you would love to live in and would be proud to pass on to future generations.