Core Matrix
Immunity Booster 4.0


Date: July 11th 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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With the continuing escalation of stress, that humanity is being exposed to, your body is being asked to support unprecedented forms of overwhelm in all areas of life. The stressors of Covid-19, overwhelming social injustice, along with the mass infusion of the manipulation of truth, our bodies are being subjected to stresses that are beyond anything humanity has experienced before. It is becoming essential to develop a more evolved understanding and relationship with what we call the human immune system to navigate these changing tides.

We have come to know the immune system as the guard at the gate against infections in various forms, protecting us from all types of pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc. Pathogenic protection is the main feature of this system, but understand there is so much more to its capacities and significant untapped potential. At its highest levels of activation, your immune system operates at two primary, biological, and spiritual levels. In both arenas, it is a highly intricate, efficient, and effective system of operational integrity. It learns and evolves. It monitors all of its operations not only within itself but also within its relationship with its outer environment. Yet humanity has been operating mostly on one plane of existence, the physical. We are now moving more fully into the ownership of us being a spirit or soul having a human experience. As this is accepted, we must upgrade and begin operating from a higher truth.

Within this Core Matrix, Ron will be energetically supporting you in taking a quantum leap to the next level of human potential. He will be awakening and infusing you with the essence of the Human Immune System 4.0. Ron will be going into great detail describing what this is and what it means to you and the direction of humanity as we step into the active living of The New Human Consciousness. He will be aligning your current state of immune operations to a more significant state of efficiency and effectiveness, adjusting your holographic blueprint, energy systems, DNA, and genetic makeup. Thereby creating a foundation for a more natural evolutionary process of moving from the old biological experience to the new. All of this is centering around clearing all forms of limitations from old paradigm dynamics, and your personal history, while guiding you into your next higher state of how you live your  life.