Core Matrix
The Immune System: A System Of Checks & Balances


Date: November 25, 2018

Audio Webinar

Length: 30 minutes

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The focus of this Core Matrix is on the immune system, immunity and how it is viewed today but also how Ron sees it from a higher more all-encompassing viewpoint.

The definition of the immune system is:

The immune system in Medicine

The integrated body system of organs, tissue, cells, and cell products that differentiate self from nonself and neutralizes potentially pathogenic organisms or substances.

The immune system in Science

The immune system includes organs such as the skin and mucous membranes, which provide an external barrier to infection, cells involved in the immune response, such as lymphocytes, and cell products such as lymphokines.

The immune system as we are addressing it tonight is a larger view of an incredibly sophisticated system of checks and balances at all levels of our being. The immune system is not only a system of protection from invading forces, i.e., pathogens, toxins, and various chemicals and extreme exposure to environmental items like mold, mildew, dust, and debris. It is also a regulatory system that manages the relationship between our Spirit and the body. It supports each being at its optimal state so that the interaction between the body and spirit is at its highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

During this event, Ron will be clearing the imbalances interfering with the immune system operating at its peak in the areas of physical and spiritual influences. He will also be supporting the physical systems to come back into higher levels of function to support a richer quality of life.

“The integrity of an Awakened Spirit is all there is. We are here to become fully versed in living the Truth of all that we are into, and through these vessels, we call bodies.

As we navigate through the waters of life, it is through these experiences that we become wiser and more stable within the very essence of all that we are.”