Core Matrix
Emotional Eating


Date: December 9, 2018

Audio Webinar

Length: 40 minutes

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December’s Core Matrix Series, Emotional Eating, and Digestive Imbalances are centered around the stressors, patterns and emotional imbalances that influence how, why, and what we eat. Whether you are a year-round emotional eater or a seasonally influenced foodie, these programs will benefit you. With the increasing degrees of stress, people are experiencing and levels of overwhelming affecting a person’s ability to get through fundamental issues in life, people unconsciously move into various forms of coping, one of them being food.

In the past eating was a necessity to keep us alive and support our ability to heal and have the energy for the day. As society evolved and villages were formed eating became a time to connect, share stories and enrich social experiences. But as we moved into the age of economics and the industrial era food became a form of business, and the focus became success and profit. With this change of focus, food became a means to an end, and we began to modify food and the creation of what we eat, to not only support a growing population but to grow an industry and secure its future of success. This influence began to prey on emotional and need-based weaknesses, and we progressively turned a gift of this planet into a distorting product through which we have lost ourselves.

This program will be addressing the core issues affecting your relationship with food, creating the environment necessary for you to break free of the destructive patterns and cycles of eating. Building the foundation for you to have a healthier relationship with food as nourishment and social enjoyment.

Also, Ron will be addressing digestive imbalances that are a result of emotional influences, genetics, lineage, chemical effects, and poor nutritional quality due to the over-processing of our food. All of which have an ever-increasing impact on our digestive and overall health.

Emotional eating has been on the rise for decades. It seems to be increasing at an exponential rate, with no end in sight. With more than 50% of Americans being overweight, and the number of diet programs available that only provide short-term success, changing and controlling one’s diet makes up for a small percentage of the issue.

Emotional eating has more to do with the patterns we carry that are influencing our ability to make natural and healthy choices. Issues of self-love, self-care, self-worth, etc. are more of what requires a focus.

This program will be focusing on clearing the core issues in all areas of your being that is limiting your ability to have a healthy and supportive love affair with food.