Core Matrix
Digestive Imbalances


Date: December 23, 2018

Audio Webinar

Length: 30 minutes

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Digestive issues and have become an increasingly prominent health problem for people of all ages. The numbers of youth being affected by digestive problems is increasing with regularity. Why?

Below are just a few factors that affect digestive health:

  • Stress: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, competitiveness
  • The decrease in physical activity
  • Consuming ever-increasing amounts of processed food
  • Excessive consumption of convenience foods
  • Decreasing levels of the nutritional value of conventional foods
  • Poor food choices
  • Overcooking
  • Limited variety of foods
  • Did I mention stress?

The above-listed items alone are significant. But when you add to it the increasing levels of stress, diminishing life balancing skills, as well as the number of medications increasingly being prescribed and taken, it becomes a recipe for digestive distress and troubles.

This Sunday’s Core Matrix is focused on all forms of digestive imbalances, from general indigestion to chronic issues:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Intestinal wall weakness: Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, etc.

Join Ron as he facilitates releasing what ails you, creating the healthiest and cleanest environment to bring your body and life back on track.

In addition, Ron will be addressing digestive imbalances that are a result of emotional influences, genetics, lineage, chemical effects, and poor nutritional quality due to the over-processing of our food. All of which have an ever-increasing impact on our digestive and overall health.