Core Matrix
Clearing Mental Static Through the Field of Higher Awareness


Date: May 5, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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As far back as I can see into human history people have been dealing with varying degrees of mind chatter, which for the most part was reasonably manageable. As technology evolved and the amount of information we have access to increased at exponential rates, our ability to stay centered, present, and calm became desperately challenging for most people. We have also become information and stimulation junkies, creating a situation were people grow bored when they are not being externally entertained to some degree. To add to this, overall demands within a family, work, and life are skyrocketing.

As if that’s not enough, let’s add that we are becoming increasingly more sedentary, malnourished, and the levels of exposure to chemicals and pollutants are overwhelming to an already exhausted and weak body and mind. All of this and more has created a situation where it has become increasingly more challenging to develop and maintain a strong sense of balance and stability within our thoughts, emotions, and life.

Below are just a few of the influencing factors that contribute to static:

  • Family lineage.
  • The environment you were raised in, whether it is perceived as good or bad.
  • Social and global stressors, known and unknown.
  • Environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical influences.
  • Unhealthy use of technology and electronics.
  • Biomechanical imbalances and misalignments that influence tensions and pressures in the body creating undue stress.

All of this can be addressed and minimized or resolved by releasing the influences that destabilize us. Therefore, developing a strong and resilient embodiment of the purest essence of who we are. This event will begin clearing the slate for each person to be able to feel and live their most stable and integral self. This Core Matrix will awaken the potential within to develop the discipline and drive to become the next, best expression of who you are each and every moment.