Core Matrix
Breath: Master Your Breath, Master Your Life


Date: March 10, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 75 minutes

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The human body is an awe inspiring, multifaceted, multilayered, and multidimensional creation as well as a vehicle of creation itself. The body and all that it is, is the gift of gifts. It is of the highest blessings to be bestowed upon a Spirit to give voice to and experience itself in and through this form. But when it malfunctions we often go into a state of imbalance, loose composure and forget who and what we are. Wanting any and all issues to be fixed by someone or something outside of ourselves.

If we were to use our bodies in the way they were designed, we would have far fewer struggles in all areas of life. The heart beats, most other organs operate as they are designed and programed to, and breathing is a natural biological and mechanical part of human bodily systems and functions. Yet the breath and lungs are a little different. The lungs have their base level system of operation and function within the body (see Core Matrix: Respiratory Health: Breath as a Key to Health and Awakening), with an added bonus.

More than any other system of the body, the lungs, our tools for centering into the breath, are more readily able to be regulated with conscious intent. Therefore, when we use our lungs with intent, the mechanical aspect of breathing brings us to a level of presence within the moment that begins to change our relationship with the body as a whole. As a result, of this focused intent, we sense our bodies more clearly and with greater detail as well as the space around us. Opening ourselves to a Universe of presence, not only within the body, but within how the Spirit is able to experience itself in the world and the cosmos, we are so intimately a part of. The breath becomes a system of function that is recognized as a whole being process. All that we are breaths – mind, body and spirit, EVERYTHING, even the Universe itself breaths. Imagine what we can achieve when we harness that Truth and its raw potentiality. It becomes more than a centering and focusing tool, it becomes a gateway to unlocking our Infinite Potential.

During this event Ron will be clearing the patterns and programs that keep us stuck and small by releasing:

  • Issues of poor breathing mechanics.
  • Fear of breathing as well as not breathing.
  • Fear of control and being controlled.
  • Family, social, and global issues associated with breathing.
  • Fear of having a footprint and no footprint at all.
  • All patterning associated with being and not being seen and present in your life because of what others will think and feel.

He will also be instilling frequencies to awaken your innate relationship with natural and evolved breathing. As well as:

  • Universal Truths of breath at a Cosmic level.
  • Intimacy with the body.
  • Awakening to breathing as an entire being process and more.