Core Matrix
Accelerated Healing: A Two-Part Series


Date: June 9 & July 13, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: Two 60 minute segments

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What does it mean to truly heal? For some people healing is the act or ability of a wound to mend. For others, it can mean the clearing of an infection, recovering from an illness, or an overcoming of a disease state. For still others, it can be the healing of a crisis of faith. Whatever it is to a person, it would only make sense to gain further clarity of the depth and breadth of what healing actually is. Let’s begin by looking at the definition of heal as it is most widely accepted is:

heal | hēl |
verb [with object]

  • To cause a wound, injury, or person to become sound or healthy again: his concern is to heal sick people.
  • Alleviate a person’s distress or anguish: time can heal the pain of grief.
  • Correct or put right an undesirable situation: the rift between them was never really healed.

This definition is only a fraction of what healing actually is. A more expansive view of healing is to see it as a process or program of active checks and balances the body and spirit engage in on a moment-by-moment basis. Healing is an integrated system that governs all energetic and biological systems and processes that support the manifestation of a human being. If a person becomes injured, sick, or overextends themselves, the body, when given the opportunity, will heal and recover to a level of function and efficiency beyond what it was. To develop a greater awareness of true healing, we must include the aspects of the mind, emotions, and spirit.

How are these many aspects of human expression attended to? How are these areas supported within the process of healing? ALL aspects of our being – mind, body, emotions, and spirit are interdependent and integrated systems, and all these systems MUST be supported if we are to heal in a way that is reflective of our full potential. If we look only at a part of the picture, we will only be partially balanced. If, on the other hand, we embrace our entire system of healing, we will begin to experience healing at the quantum level. Then, our healing will be accelerated to levels considered miraculous.

To get as much from this Core Matrix as possible, this Accelerated Healing event is being offered as a two-part series. Part one will be addressing the following areas:

Part One

Clearing family lineage influences which may have lead to genetic issues contributing to weaknesses in, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Organs
  • Endocrine glands
  • Central nervous system.
  • Muscular system
  • Bone and joint

Clearing the effects from exposures to:

  • Environmental pollutants
  • Chemicals – cleaning products, skin care products, clothing, etc.
  • Medications – all forms
  • Pesticides – all forms
  • Radiation exposure – Solar, nuclear waste, medical testing, etc.
  • And more

As the above areas are addressed, it will create an opening for a more balanced, stable, and resilient foundation of function to occur. Which will support the ability to create and live your most abundant life. Part two will bring it all to the next level of strength and vitality.

Part Two

In Part two, Ron will support the building of a healthy, more resilient, and evolvable foundation through which to live your perfect and vital life. He will be focused on:

  • Increased efficiency within the bodies regenerative and restorative capacities.
  • Create a clean and balanced relationship within the emotional system.
  • Increase potentiality and efficiency within the mental field, brain, and central nervous system.
  • Awaken and align the spirit to govern the whole of your being at higher and ever-evolving levels.
  • Reactivate true healing potential for all aspects of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit to work independently and collectively to support your ability to bring forth your optimal life.

Throughout this two-part series, this awakening and the aligning process will support the ability of the whole person to come to a sense of healing and balance not often attained. Exploring all facets of a person while accessing the core programming of each independently, and the interconnectedness of how each relates with the others. In turn, becoming aware of how they operate as a whole, and how the experiential and evolutionary process of life are affected when we are in full alignment. Once true healing is activated, the potential to live your best life becomes limitless.