Awakening Your Power In The Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse


Date: July 4th, 2020

Start Time: 8:00 PM MT

End Time: 9:00 PM MT

Length: 60 minutes

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July begins with a powerful celestial event we can use to launch us into the next phase and level of commitment to awaken our true Spirit Nature. On Sunday, July 5th at 12:44 AM we will be experiencing the peak of a Full Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. This is the third eclipse in a month, and marks a pivot point between the old ways of being and our alignment with the New Human Consciousness. Being this celestial event is happening in the early hours of Sunday July 5th, we are going to take advantage of the rising energies by holding this healing meditation Saturday evening at 8:00 PM. This will provide Ron with and opportunity to instill within you the dynamic energy of waning, peak, and waxing within the creative manifestative process.

Lunar Eclipses signify endings, culminations of cycles and turning points, and they occur when the Moon is full, marking the ending of the Moon’s Cycle and any intent we set into motion during the New Moon 14 days prior.

Like supremely powerful Full Moons, they help illuminate things that may have been hidden from view, with the result that unexpected and surprise events, including endings, may occur, paving the way for powerful new beginnings & positive change.

Lunar Eclipses can therefore be strongly cleansing events, which help clear away the accumulated emotional baggage of the preceding months and bringing into the light the best of who we are and who we choose to be. The veil between the realms is also thinner at Eclipses, meaning that we may become more sensitive, intuitive and in touch with our inner guidance with greater depth and commitment.

This July’s Lunar Eclipse takes place in Capricorn, a sign which places its focus on structure, efficiency, and organization. At a country level, Capricorn looks at government structures, power balances, and rules & regulations, while individually it asks us to look at our own structures, including what we dedicate our time to, how productive we are, and how we can manage our time more effectively. The energies of this Eclipse will also ask us to look at how we can honor the needs of our Inner Child, which may desire comforting and nurturing, rest & relaxation, while placing increased focus on the need for efficiency in other areas of our lives.

Join Ron on July 4th for this powerful & illuminating event, as we tune into the pristine and pure energies of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and he helps us to:

  • Shine the light of our awareness on our hidden truths and inner fears, so that we may bring healing to them.
  • Release the past, letting go of that which no longer serves us.
  • Learn to trust more deeply in the natural flow of life and life’s cycles, embracing the unexpected from a place of surrender.
  • Tune into our inner wisdom and access our courage and inner strength, standing confidently in our authentic truth.
  • Stride powerfully forward into the New Human Consciousness.