Awakening The Fire Within


Date : March 9, 2020

Start Time : Previously Recorded

End Time : Previously Recorded

Length : 60 minutes

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During the last TGH, Passion for Life, we focused on clarifying the true essence of what passion is and is not. Then the group was guided to the more profound awareness of what passion is. The focus was to clean things up and lay the foundation to hold a clear intent of passion as a fuel to creation itself.

Like all things we experience as humans, there is experience, tempering, and adaptation that we all must go through. This process is the true essence and purpose of life’s journey. This gift of life is unlike any other. If we take the time to embrace and not resist, all we go through can be all the sweeter. This event will be rich in substance. Not just words, but clear, clean and elevating frequencies to bring each person to the highest alignment possible within the body. Embracing the purity of the Spirit-Self and all the joy that is that experience.

During this TGH we will go deep into the origins of passion. Awakening the human mind, body, and emotions to align with and embrace the very nature of what passion is to the Spirit and how to bring it into and through the body and your life with grace and ease. You will be guided into its Pure Essence at its origins while being bathed in the raw energy that is Passion. Throughout this time he will also be cleansing at an even deeper level limiting ideas, pattering, and frequencies to bring about the most significant transformation possible.