August 21 DC: Opening Your Connection to Sentient Life


Dates: August 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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This 21 Day Catalyst marks the beginning of the 7th year since its inception! This program was birthed into fruition to express accelerated healing and growth for my private clients at that time. Over the last six years, it has manifested to express my deep love and caring for people and all life. This program was designed to be an affordable way for people to receive regular energetic support to create awareness of innate rhythms and cycles while growing their personal power.

The 21 Day has significantly evolved over the years, but one thing has stayed true, the heart and soul of this offering is my love of all that is of Divine truth. This leads us to supercharge the trajectory of the 21 Day to bring all of you to the next level of your most magnificent selves as sentient beings.

To step into the essence and embodiment of sentience, you will open your connection to this through three simple truths:

• All life is sacred

• All life is the manifestation of God

• All life is an expression of Source consciousness as sentient

Sentience is not just the ability to feel, perceive, and experience subjectively. It’s also a unique way of knowing your true self and the essence of the world around you. Since all life is of Pure Source consciousness and either expresses sentience or is a manifestation of sentience, we must begin to know everything in this universe as alive and an expression of God itself.

To embrace and embody the magical gift of sentience, this 21 Day Catalyst will be an experiential journey into the heart of universal consciousness itself. As we move through the multiverse of life for the next 21 days, you will experience what it is to feel and know your guides, angels, and other higher-level beings. Each day we will move beyond a limited 3-D viewpoint so you can step into and embody the essence of what it is to truly feel, perceive, and experience true sentience without the limitations of a survival mindset.

Join Ron on a mind-bending healing journey into the heart and soul of how you can see life through your awakened and healed self. During our time together, he will guide you into your supra-consciousness to experience your sentience and how you feel and sense other higher dimensional life. This is an opportunity to move more fully into your healed nature as a sentient being to access your ability to create your life without the limitation of a misunderstanding of what life actually is and can be.