For many people this holiday season isn’t much different than those of the past. But if we take pause and go within, most will find a different more stable and rich voice speaking from within. This voice has depth, strength, and attraction that the voices of the past have not had. This voice is more secure, inviting and vibrant than any voice we can remember having. Why? Because we are changing.

People are changing more rapidly and deeply than ever before. We are awakening to a more profound, more authentic ways of seeing, feeling, hearing, and being than ever before. Even though the world is not seeming to change for the better, We Are. We are changing to bring forth a voice and life of clarity that is and will continue to light the way for this world to become a better place.

The programs this month are meant to awaken your true nature. To help you embody the foundational aspects of your Spirit that will help you live a limitless and ever-evolving life, which with time and attentiveness, will become infectious for you and all you are around. Because the true nature of Spirit is, by its very essence, alluring and nurturing to the core.

Please join me for this journey to the most brilliant essence of all that you are as you live this life to its fullest.

Happiness and Joy are very clean and clear frequencies that bring forth a field that is endearing, attractive and infectious. Yet, it is more often experienced fleetingly.

During this TGH Ron will be clearing deep patterns, traumas, and imprints that interfere with your ability to feel these frequencies as how you are in this world.

After the clearing Ron will help you feel the true essence of Happiness and Joy while instilling this programming into you Spirit and Body.

“There is no longer room to live fleeting ​moments of happiness and joy. ​​We are moving into a time when​we are to live our eternal nature​each and every moment​as we are able to.”