Within every moment of our lives, we have the capacity to bring forth amazing life experiences. With our ever-increasing awareness of who we are and what we have the ability to create, why is it we have such a difficult time bringing forth our full potential? Why do we slip into ever increasing states of confusion and sadness?

There are numerous influences that contribute to these issues:

  • Overexposure to stimulus.
  • Increased disconnection to nature and our innate rhythms and cycles.
  • Being raised in a world with ever increasing rates of separation and isolation.
  • Decreased exposure to intimate and close connections with others.
  • Surface level relationships that are focused more on going somewhere and getting something from others more than the process and journey of transparency and intimacy.
  • … and so much more.

This is just a glance at some of the more prominent influences that bring us to either feel more distant (a lack of intimacy) from life or a reason to feel more removed (being intimate, yet creating a limited opportunity for connection) from life. Thus allowing a person to feel the same, which is an attempt to limit the feelings that come with change, and/or to feel sane and in control.

The holidays are meant to be an opportunity to rekindle and awaken the spark of life within us. But because of the level of disconnect most people carry, and the emotions we have locked up within us, it is increasingly more difficult to feel the very nature of our will to connect, love and thrive. This innate impulse to create deep and meaningful connections is so strong within the human Spirit, that the more we keep it contained, controlled, ignored or denied the more disconnected, alone and empty we become.

Ron will be releasing the patterning, at all levels, that affect our ability to feel our life essence and true potential, while awakening our ability to live this in all areas of life. He will help you to connect with the vibrancy, vitality, and joy most everyone is searching for during the holidays and all seasons of life.

“The way to what people call God is through the complete and total surrender and acceptance of all of life’s experience. Only through complete surrender to the Truth of all that is, are we able to feel the full glory that is Pure Source. Awakening the memory of what it is to be awake and alive.”