The holiday season is a time when most people come out to play, to be happy, merry, joyful and excited about life. Yet this time of year is when we are meant to go inward. Embracing the season of growth and taking in all we have experienced over the past year. How do we honor our natural rhythms and cycles and yet enjoy these moments of holiday and life festivities with loved ones?

It’s not as difficult as you would believe. The following are steps to awaken the process of being within and letting the joy out:

  • Make friends with the quiet and the natural rhythms of life.
  • Accept yourself in all that you feel, EVERYTHING.
  • Realize that you are everything all at the same time always. There is nothing you are feeling that is not of your Pure Divine Nature…Nothing.
  • Honoring all that you are and feel in every moment makes for a richer, more sincere life.
  • Remember, as we fully take in all that we are, and trust we have nothing to cover up or distract from, our lives become that much more brilliant. In turn, making every moment a rich and meaningful experience born of Truth, Sincerity, and Love.

When we are surrendered, we can be as we choose to be because we have nothing to avoid. This creates complete organic moments not orchestrated situations. It all begins with us surrendering to what is and finding the flow within and stepping into the cosmic stream to dance effortlessly with it all.

This evening Ron will be guiding you into and through the deepest areas that keep people guarded. Releasing what leaves us alone and pain riddled, often desperately searching for relief in place of resolution. Tomorrow will be focused on resolution. Bringing to rest what subconsciously keeps us prisoners to what we fear the most, our own pain and demons. Remember, with resolution comes freedom. Then comes the ability to be sincere within our desire to bring forth our happiness, joy, and love. In that moment it truly becomes a season of Joy.

During this event, Ron will be releasing the patterns, programs, and blockages to aligning with and living those Highest Truths that are the essence of our Spirit. Transforming the group to bring about deeper clearing and awakening of the well of potential that is your Spirit. Increasing your Spirits potential to guide you through your experience of life.

“There is nothing in life that is anything but awe-inspiring. When we accept the very nature of who we are, this becomes the only reality there is. There is nothing that is unworthy of or too dark for us to live anything other than our full potential. Our Pure Essence commands the highest of Who We Are to be All That We Are. This is the innate nature of the cosmos and our Pure Spirit-Self.”