Join Ron for this powerhouse event that will transform the very foundation of your life. With his highly crafted and attuned FHI (Frequency Healing Intensive) process, Ron will transform the nature of who you think you are to help you embody the purest essence of what it is to live a full and brilliant life. Throughout this event, you will be immersed in transformational frequencies, elevating you beyond all limiting factors and freeing you to live your Infinite Potential as the very fabric of your life.

During this special evening, Ron will be working with the group dynamic as well as hands-on with each person individually, and including Q&A time. He has a unique ability to hone in on what the group requires collectively, as well as what each person requires individually, to transform their lives.

During this powerful evening, Ron will be moving participants through three stages:

The Clearing

  • Release of all forms of conflicting emotional and situational patterns
  • Clear influences from family, religion, and past lives as well as social, global, political, and economic dynamics
  • Clean up the many forms of trauma
  • Remove the blockages to higher awareness
  • Release obstacles to success in all areas of life
  • Release incomplete and inaccurate impressions of yourself and your life for a more intimate relationship with the truth of life and how things actually work

The Foundation

  • Align participants with their innate ability to heal and grow at ever-increasing levels
  • Develop a clear understanding of what motivates our thoughts, ideas, dreams, and actions while releasing the fear of failure
  • Awaken and align you with your limitless nature, helping you to become more resilient in all areas of life
  • Develop success as the foundation of your life

The Awakening/Ascension

  • Operating from a deep state of truth you will experience true worth and value from within, which will naturally lead to permanent success, wealth, and a higher quality of life
  • Find your true calling/motivation to fulfill your Infinite Potential
  • Tap into the true essence of power
  • Become infused with the frequencies of a higher level of awareness
  • Live every moment as an expression of the pure embodiment of creativity, joy, and abundance as a way of life

Ron will help you become aware of how to see and live the pure nature of life and access the ability to live it to the fullest. He’ll help you ignite your spirit’s ability to live life at ever-increasing levels of performance, so you can create a life reflective of the limitless mindset of Infinite Potential and pure possibilities. This evening promises to be a fantastic journey of awakening you to your most brilliant and limitless nature.

This 4 hour, in-person only event will be held at a private residence in Sedona, AZ. Seating is limited to provide an intimate environment for Ron to create the most powerful transformation for the participants. Within this group dynamic everyone will receive personal hands on work which will significantly amplify the benefits of this experience. Not only will Ron be sharing what he is seeing the group requires for healing and transformation, but he will be taking his master level skill of spiritual and life insight into answering your personal questions. Therefore, come with your deepest questions on spiritual and life dynamics, questions you have been longing to gain clarity on, and as is true to Ron’s ability and style, you will also get answers to questions you didn’t know you had by how what he shares will resonate remarkably with the answers given to others. You will gain deep understanding and clarity and leave in a new and different space then when you walked through the door.

Once registered for the class we will send you the address and directions. We will start with a meet and greet and end the night in a pure frequency bath of transformation, alignment and ascension. All participants will receive a recording of this powerful evening to replay and use as a tool of transformation anytime they would like to experience the profound effects.

Ron Damico, a Transformational Catalyst with expertly honed abilities for healing and transformation, also has a gift for taking complex spiritual concepts and life processes, and making them digestible, understandable, and attainable. This, combined with Ron’s FHI (Frequency Healing Intensive) Process of healing, will help you to access your most deep-rooted imbalances and limiting issues, and bring into motion your innate abilities to heal and live your highest Infinite Potential.