Somewhere within human consciousness, we have made the choice to evolve, to be something more than we have been, to be truly powerful. Not because there is anything wrong with us, but because we are choosing to live a life reflective of what is right within us.

Far too often we are focused on our issues and weaknesses. And while reflecting and addressing our weaknesses is part of what helps us change, there is a time and place for this reflection. When it becomes the platform we see ourselves through and live from our lives become limited and pain centered.

We have come to a crossroads of change. We have brought ourselves to the cliff of transformation, and now we must choose to jump. We must trust that we have each others’ backs and accept that the unknown of what is to come is worth losing what we know so well.

We are at a tipping point of transitioning from problem-based paradigms to excellence, expanse, and evolution-based paradigms. This evening, Ron will be walking the group through the process of awakening to an Infinite Potential-based standard. He will hold everyone in the frequencies of this new paradigm; immersing, aligning, and transforming participants into the embodiment of these accelerating and evolving frequencies.

Ron will also be releasing the older, denser, and limiting frequencies, patterns, programs, and paradigms that hold people in a framework of living that has become a prison they didn’t even realize they were in.

Ron will:

  • Clear programming from family lineage, traditions, businesses, and faiths
  • Instill true knowledge of what family, friends, teachers, leaders, healers, gurus, and coaches are meant to be in our lives
  • Open the group to view political, governmental, and legal dynamics and their applications through a new lens
  • Shift the group’s understanding and use of various forms of writings (spiritual, historical, religious, fictional, educational) to a higher and continually expanding foundation of growth and evolution, which is the backbone of all true knowledge of the highest calling
  • Align everyone with the true essence of success and how it applies to all areas of life

This Frequency Healing Intensive (FHI), as are all of Ron’s programs, designed to set you free of the patterns, programs, traumas, and influences that interfere with your ability to live your Infinite Potential. Join Ron for a transformational experience created to ignite your passion to live the purest, highest vision held by your limitless self.

This 2 1/2 hour event will be held at the Sedona Creative Life Center in Sedona, AZ. It will be recorded so anyone would attends in-person or online will receive a recording of the evening. This event will be a power packed FHI, Q&A session and will end with Ron’s 21 Day Catalyst frequency healing meditation.

Ron Damico, a Transformational Catalyst with expertly honed abilities for healing and transformation, also has a gift for taking complex spiritual concepts and life processes, and making them digestible, understandable, and attainable. This, combined with Ron’s FHI (Frequency Healing Intensive) Process of healing, will help you to access your most deep-rooted imbalances and limiting issues, and bring into motion your innate abilities to heal and live your highest Infinite Potential.