In Part two, Ron will support the building of a healthy, more resilient, and evolvable foundation through which to live your perfect and vital life. He will be focused on:

  • Increased efficiency within the bodies regenerative and restorative capacities.
  • Create a clean and balanced relationship within the emotional system.
  • Increase potentiality and efficiency within the mental field, brain, and central nervous system.
  • Awaken and align the spirit to govern the whole of your being at higher and ever-evolving levels.
  • Reactivate true healing potential for all aspects of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit to work independently and collectively to support your ability to bring forth your optimal life.

Throughout this two-part series, this awakening and the aligning process will support the ability of the whole person to come to a sense of healing and balance not often attained. Exploring all facets of a person while accessing the core programming of each independently, and the interconnectedness of how each relates with the others. In turn, becoming aware of how they operate as a whole, and how the experiential and evolutionary process of life are affected when we are in full alignment. Once true healing is activated, the potential to live your best life becomes limitless.