Harvest Full Moon Prosperity Activation - Riding the Wave of Infinite Potential


Date: September 13th, 2019

Start Time: 8:00 PM MT

End Time: 8:45 PM MT

Length: 45 minutes

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Humanity is in the midst of a significant global and spiritual transformation initiated by a cosmic shift, or a purity wave. This wave of energy is a cosmic reset, which at its core is shaking loose the foundation of what is interfering with everything coming into its natural state of alignment. This movement is adding to an already fast-paced life, which is searching for balance. Because people are finding it challenging to stabilize through this change, Ron felt it would be helpful to align with something that has and always will stay true to its innate abundant and fulfilled nature, the relationship between the earth and moon.

Join us as Ron taps into the power of the Harvest Full Moon, using the pure essence of Universal potential to reprogram us from a state of fear and uncertainty to a life of eternal Prosperity and all its brilliance. Ron chooses Prosperity for the essence of what it is, a pure state of being, reflective and expressive of the level and quality of our pure awakened spirit, and how we live this state in every moment. Once aligned with our universal nature, we will begin to engage and live in the world reflective of a fulfilled and complete person. This Frequency Healing Intensive (FHI) is the next evolution of Ron’s work to awaken and accelerate everyone’s ability to become the purest version of who they are within the essence of their Infinite Potential.