Global Transformation
Strength Through Adversity


Date: August 11, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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We live in a world where strength is part of the natural function of being human. It crosses through all aspects of life -physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social -even expanding into the cosmos itself. Strength is a universal descriptor for the amount of energy present or used at any point in time to overcome any given situation. Yet strength should be responsibly applied in all areas of life, not just the areas we deem suitable, or easy, but using strength as a force to move us through the most challenging of life’s  experiences.

Strength is meant to be used in numerous ways

  • To exceed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limits.
  • To hold a group of people together to accomplish a group intent.
  • In science, to create, maintain, and break apart bonds.
  • To withstand the intensity of any natural, human, or evolutionary event.
  • To hold the integrity of a new idea intact in the face of outside resistance.
  • To persevere through all of life situations.
  • To fight, overcome, destroy, concur, as well as protect.

These are some of the limitless ways that strength can be used to create, experience, and move through life. Yet how often is it used to bring us to higher levels of awakening and awareness? Strength at its purest:

  • Can be used as a tool of the Spirit to bring its infinite nature into the physical universe.
  • Is a natural tool within the physical realm, a way of harnessing energy to be applied for creative and expressive purposes.
  • When used as motivational fuel of the Spirit, it can be applied to push beyond personal, social, and global limitations and bring about a world only dreamt of.

Now is the time to use strength as a Spiritual tool to bring us to higher levels of growth and human evolution, propel us to new heights, and catapult us into a life beyond our current level of understanding. During this Global Transformation, Ron will clear the limitations associated with how humanity has used strength in the past. He’ll help you integrate past experiences with new strength, no matter how you may have used it in your life before. Then he will instill the frequencies of the pure essence of strength and awaken your ability to use it with the clearest of intent.