Global Transformation
How to Love Through the Holidays


Date: November 30, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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The holiday season means many things to many people, and all that we feel is magnified. What is amplified is either what we wish to feel, are told we should feel, or what we truly do feel. We may feel the joy and love that surrounds the holiday, but if we are not able to connect with what the holiday mood dictates, we could be left with feelings of devastating despair and loneliness.

It is up to each of us to gain clarity on what our emotions mean and how to express them. How do we release any unresolved pain, personal history, and viewpoints (that may not even be ours) and open ourselves to love and connection? It is in the holiday season that people most long for the true connection of family which, for most of us, equates to love. We long to feel part of a tribe, group, or larger whole, which reflects a deep desire for true connection and intimacy.

Love is a foundational aspect of who we are. Love is a dynamic frequency that is a deep integral part of our core essence. Without love, we would feel incomplete and long for the true peace, tranquility, and joy that comes with living as a loving being. We are far more than we allow ourselves to know and experience. The illusions of this world have brought us to a place of emptiness that can only be transcended by awakening and becoming the luminescent body of love we have always been.

To facilitate this opening, we must release what limits us:

  • Fear of failure, loss, and grief
  • The vacuum of shame
  • The pain of loneliness and isolation
  • Feelings of being inadequate, incomplete, and unworthy
  • Limiting family, religious, spiritual, and social patterning
  • Restrictive and referential thinking

As all limiting frameworks are removed, you’ll become free to step into the light of truth and align with what your spirit yearns to be.

We are at a turning point in human history that is drawing us to become our brightest selves. Each celebratory moment is an opportunity, through the collective focus of love and joy, to awaken the ability to live our pure awakened selves. For this to occur, we must find the strength and courage within to become everything we are able to be. We must be willing to see and feel the shadows of the past we still carry while finding the courage to access and bring forth our full loving potential to heal those wounds.

Join Ron during this holiday Global Transformation as he walks us through the shadows of our pasts and clears the patterns that bind us to a life of limitation. He will be removing the ancestral, social, spiritual, and religious dynamics that hinder our ability to live a life of pure love and beauty. This program will set the foundation for lasting and evolving transformation through the holiday and  beyond.