Frequency Meditation: Embracing the Power of the Celestial Bodies


Date: January 21st, 2019

Start Time: Previously Recorded

End Time: Previously Recorded

Length: 45 minutes

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The Power of the Total Lunar Eclipse And the Super Blood Wolf Moon

As most of you are aware by now there is another powerful celestial event happening tonight into the early hours of tomorrow morning. We will be experiencing the energy dynamics of a Total lunar eclipse, super blood wolf moon. So what is all of this?

Basically, this rare total lunar eclipse is happening at the same time as a super blood wolf moon. Here are some of the basics about this moon phase:

  • Lunar eclipses can occur only during a full moon.
  • A Blood moon occurs when sunlight undergoes scattering and the lower wavelengths are filtered out, leaving the higher wavelengths of orange and red to be cast upon the moon.
  • A super moon occurs when the moon is full and closest to Earth in its orbit.
  • The “wolf” is inspired by the howling that would often occur from hungry wolves that would howl at the moon outside of villages many years ago.

With this unique astronomical positioning, we will be focusing not only on the relationship between the gravitational fields of the Earth, Moon, and Sun, we will also be tapping into the energy dynamic of the alignment of Mercury and Saturn, which are almost directly behind the Sun at this time. As known through experience, with alignment comes influence and power. With power comes opportunity. With opportunity comes responsibility. With wise consideration comes greatness to change the face of life on this planet for the better. To what degree and how we do this is up to each of us. But with an awakened Spirit the possibilities are limitless.

During this Eclipse, Ron will be focusing on harnessing the power of alignment, partnership and honoring of what is. To awaken all participants to how it feels to bring forth the full, and unlimited potential of your Spirit into your life. This frequency healing meditation will open your infinite ability to become the best you are able to be in each and every moment.

This event will release blockages to your infinite potential and open you to your ability to tap into this capacity at will. Therefore, you are able to experience a more brilliant and abundant life as your innate way of living.