Free: Full Moon Healing Meditation At Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park Maine


Date: August 25, 2020

Start Time: Previously Recorded

End Time: Previously Recorded

Length: 45 minutes



All events in life are precise in nature and should be honored for what they are, moments in time meant to provide us with opportunities to express and experience the true beauty and nature of all that we are. EVERYTHING is energy? ALL of it. One event is no greater nor less than the one before it or the ones to follow, each and every one is precious. Take full advantage of them and all to follow as it will help you awaken moment by moment to become all that you are able to be and more.

Tonight is no exception. We are in beautiful Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbor, Maine. While here I realized there is a full moon and wanted to take the opportunity to begin a new cycle/chapter within the journey of my life. Taking advantage of this time to launch what will become the first of many free and in the moment opportunities to awaken others to our innate nature. Our ability to be so present in the moment that we become rich with our Infinite Potential to live, love and share our magnificence NOW.

Therefore, during this full moon meditation I will be bringing into the experience the pure nature of nature?

Raw, clear, clean and perfect. Untouched by our perceptions and beliefs of who we are in relationship to nature or anything else. This is a chance to feel the purity of who YOU ARE and what all of life is. Fresh and clean, as it all was, and is, from its inception.

Please join me on this journey of realignment, renewal and recommitment to be the truth of who you are. To feel alive again and live this beauty, grace and love within each and every moment.