21 Day Catalyst
The Cosmic Breath


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As we bring this year to its natural close, we are innately opening to the next level of truth, that we are Cosmic beings having a physical experience. To honor our cosmic nature, we must begin to live a higher truth, that we ARE spirits living a physical life. As cosmic beings, we are by nature an expression of God, or as we currently see it, Source. If we embrace this truth, we can openly acknowledge that we are part of the natural ebb and flow that is the nature of life. For life to exist, there must be an exchange of energy, and for humans, breathing is the most natural form of exchange there is. Breathe is not just an exchange of gases physically, it is an expression of the exchange of life force, or love, from Source to all life. And if we take it one step further, we can honor that everything in the universe expands and contracts, ebbs and flows. In other words, the universe breathes. This breathing is the breath of God, an exchange of loving support and truth for all life to live its fullest capacity. This breath from what we are currently calling Source is the highest truth that has always been. We are always in connection with the Source of all life, and to feel it intimately, all we need do is breathe and be breathed by the Source of all life.

This month, we will be experiencing what it is to awaken to and become intimate with what I’m calling the breath of God. We are not walking into the past references of what God has been. We are stepping into the essence of what God has always been without the references and ideals of God being more human than Divine in nature. We will be experiencing a more genuine, authentic experience of what more people call Source. We will bring this into conscious action because more and more of us are
yearning to live and breathe the truest nature of who we are with a clean slate and a fresh breath from Source itself.

This 21 Day Catalyst will be a powerful opportunity to create a new personal foundation to align with and embody our choice to live as the 5th-dimensional reality and beyond. Join me on this journey of powerful revelations of who you are in relationship to the essence of Source and how to feel, embrace and live your true self as the breath of God within you and living it as your natural state of being.
Please note that because Arizona does not follow daylight savings time we are now in Mountain Time which means that for PT, CT and ET the program will start 1 hour earlier.

December 1-21, 2022
6:00pm PT / 7:00pm MT / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET