Core Radiance
The Radiance of Limitless Energy


Date: February 10, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 30 minutes

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What would it take to be a radiant expression of limitless energy? Knowing you will always have access to the infinite and passionate vitality of your Spirit. How to channel that into your creative potential and all you bring into this world.

How would it feel for?

  • Your body to be a vision of total vibrance and vitality?
  • The health of your eyes, hair, skin, and nails to expressive of your grace?
  • The shape, strength, poise, and flow of your body as you move through life’s experiences and challenges?
  • Your clothes to be an accent to your beauty and not what makes you beautiful?

If you were to live from the essence of your Spirit, your life would become a vibrant expression of your True Radiance. In turn, every action thought, idea, everything you choose to be and live, would be executed without fatigue as we understand it. Your life would never show signs of wear or exhaustion. You would feel the joy of a life fully lived to crave more. Not because you’re not enough, but because you would be within the slipstream of eternal creativity.

Join Ron as he awakens you to the Radiance of Limitless Energy and how to live it as your life. During this event, he will be releasing the programming of the surrounding impression of what motivates you and where you get the energy to live, or in most cases just exist. You will leave realigned and awakened to an innate and natural way of activating your Spirit in all your human endeavors.