Awakening Your Core Truth: A Live Q&A Series – June 2019


Date: Previously Recorded

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Length: 30 minutes



Ron has an amazing ability to take personal and global questions about awakening, healing, spirituality, life dynamics, and your own personal struggles, break them down, clarify them, and release the associated core patterning, all while helping you transform how you relate to yourself and the world around you.

Ron never merely answers a question. Instead, he connects with the origins and heart of every question and the myriad issues associated with it. As he taps into the individual who sent in the question, he releases that person’s patterns and imbalance, at all levels. He also taps into the group dynamics linked with that person’s situation. From that moment forward, he is answering the question while simultaneously working energetically with both core and sub-issues that interfere with each person’s ability to align with and embody their Spirit’s Infinite Potential to live a full, abundant life.

This audio webinar event, Awakening Your Core Truth, is a Live, Free Q&A Series. The purpose of the event is not only to answer your questions but also to go deep into the core imbalances which create the struggles people experience generally in life, and to walk with those who wish to awaken to their limitless potential and help them become all they can be. This work moves beyond the limited parameters most others live within and look for support in; it is centered around awakening, setting oneself free to live at the highest level of potentiality accessible. This event is about shattering limitations and awakening to live your Infinite Potential in all areas of your life.

Throughout this event, Ron will be working with the group to clear the patterning associated with the content of the question, and beyond. All who have patterning that resonates with the core issue will find themselves supported in clearing and awakening to their healing potential. This is more than just a Q&A, this is a healing experience that will bring you to the next level of awakening and healing. Please submit all questions at least 6 hours before the event to Thank you.