“A friend of mine told me about Ron, and the first thing I said after my first session, was, ‘Wow! He accurately identified my issues, physical, emotional, and spiritual, before I even mentioned them, with such incredibly specific details that I’m blown away!’ The second thing I said was, ‘I can feel the Divine love flowing through Ron. I feel like he genuinely cares about me as an individual person.’

Having a healing session to speak with Ron is such a gift. He has such an incredible command of language that he can describe everything he is seeing and working on which helps me understand at a deeper level.

Ron has been able to identify issues and patterns that I always knew were there but could never fully articulate or completely heal despite years of working on myself and with other healers. Working with Ron, I can literally feel all of these things changing, and I am seeing the physical changes in myself and in my life, and it’s beyond amazing! Working with Ron feels like working with Divine lightening that helps you transform while gently healing you with loving care.”

Los Angeles, CA