“Meeting Ron several years ago has been nothing short of a Miracle!

The first session I booked with Ron was over the phone and it was a doozy! Initially, when I scheduled the session, I had nothing in particular that was up, however, Spirit had other plans. The day before the session I had interacted with an ingredient in our laboratory that gave me such a severe reaction I could hardly talk. The ingredient had affected my throat and thyroid area and inflamed it so radically I was grateful to have an opportunity to work with Ron to resolve it.  Within the session, the inflammation had subsided at least 90% and my ability to speak and breathe properly had returned. Amazing experience and I joked with him that I must have wanted to put his abilities to the test!

Ever since then life in my world has taken many twists and turns …all of which have been rather out of the box and downright crazy, which continually put Ron’s healing mastery front and center.  He has an A+ Rating in my book!

Personally, he’s been my saving grace.  Truly gifted and so well versed in body mechanics and Source Energies, that it’s such a joy to witness his continued Spiritual Growth and tireless practice of assisting and supporting others on their journey to re-Awakening.

Cannot thank you enough Ron for the Divine Blessing you are in my life. Love you Ron!”

OceAnna Laughing Cloud
Sedona, AZ