Ron has personally helped me within a group setting and one-on-one work to let go of my blockages and delete what was binding and restricting me to the awakening of my highest potential and abundant Spirit Self.

I found Ron to be as deeply dedicated to my awakening as he is sincere, humble, and very precise in unearthing those exact patterns that were keeping me stuck.

My experience of working with Ron both personally and at a group level is that he reads and sees with an extraordinary surgical like precision exactly what is infecting and affecting you so he can delete it at the only level that counts and where real and genuine change happens; at the Spirit level.

What has been so incredible for me since working with Ron, is that I feel this excitement because I have finally understood that I am my own answer – my own awakening will fill in the holes of whatever seems to be missing and not working in my life. I never have to go looking outside of myself to someone or something else to fill a void or to find solutions.

If you are truly ready to open up to this level of healing and awakening, then Ron is the being who will help you get there. He helped me to let go of the distorted lenses from which I had been living, seeing and perceiving myself. What could be more profound and sublime than that? He is a gift for those of us who are ready.

Daniela Mannucci
Brescia, Italy