A transformational 10-week program designed to release limitations in all areas of your life. Each week Ron will tap into your Source Holographic Blueprint and its frequencies at the Quantum level to address limiting factors affecting a person’s ability to live a fulfilling, expansive, and high-quality life. Through this process of becoming more conscious at all levels and in all aspects of your life, you will step away from losing your vital life force. You will advance to a place where giving your power away to people and situations will no longer be acceptable, and you will begin to live a life of deep meaning and purpose.

This series has been updated and elevated to reflect what humanity requires at this time to break free of all limiting influences. It is also reflective of Ron’s personal upgrades in his ability to get to your core issues while bringing into form profound and lasting changes for those searching for the ability to live a transformative life at your highest potential.

The self-mastery segment of this series is designed to bring you to the next level of awakening in support of your innate ability to live a healthy, brilliant, and abundant life. This program is built on the foundation of Pure Source frequencies, the core building blocks of all life. Throughout this process, participants will be infused with the frequencies necessary to bring them quickly to the next level of growth. Once momentum is established, every moment of your life will become a pure expression of your spirit’s highest vision in all areas of your life.

10 Weeks of LIVE Online Transformational Frequency Healing Intensives

An Essential Series for Awakening to Higher Levels



Accelerated Quantum Healing Mastery – Part 2

The Accelerated Quantum Healing Mastery series is a transformative 10-week program designed to release limitations in all areas of your life while opening you to the highest potential that resides within you. The AQH is designed to bring you  to an embodied knowing that life itself is a living, breathing matrix of the Essence of God.

Each week Ron will tap into your spirit essence, its holographic blueprint, and frequencies at the quantum level to address limiting factors affecting your ability to live a fulfilling, expansive, and high-quality life. Through this process of becoming more conscious in all levels of life, you will evolve to a higher state of being, bringing forth a healthy and passionate life rich in meaning and purpose.

This series has been updated and amplified to reflect what humanity requires at this time in order to break free of limiting influences. It will help you to align with your greatest potential and become passionate about living your highest truth. This program’s evolution reflects Ron’s increasing ability to get to your core issues while bringing into form profound and lasting changes.

The Self-Healing segment of the AQH program is designed to awaken you to what it is to be a Spirit having a human experience. You will align with the very essence of what influences and creates your human form and experiences. You’ll learn how to sense, align, and work with the many operating systems at the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical levels in order to know yourself intimately, thereby creating an opportunity to live and share a more healthy, complete, and full life.”

During each module, Ron will be addressing the following foundational areas within the transformational experience:

  • Deconstruction – Removing what is not your pure essence
  • Purification – Cleaning up from the deconstruction in preparation for the development of a strong foundation
  • Foundation – Creating an evolvable base from which all life is created
  • Download and Upgrade – Bringing in innate frequencies and programming for growth and success in all areas of life
  • Awakening and Embodiment – Bringing the whole being to a higher state of existence
  • Purification and Refinement – Improving the relationship between spirit and form

The body is a direct reflection of our unresolved history throughout all incarnations. The degree to which we fully welcome in all life experiences is reflected in how we see ourselves and the world around us.

During this module, Ron will be releasing patterns that cause you to live from an incomplete referential framework. He will then be aligning you with your ability to live in the moment as an evolutionary being—meaning, he will be awakening your ability to live more fully in each moment. This module will increase your awareness of how it feels to live in the now from moment to moment.

For years we have been reading and hearing about “living in the moment” or “being in the now.” Yet, no matter how hard we try, it often remains elusive to us. Challenges to living in the moment occur when a person has learned to progress in life through hindsight or referential living. There are benefits to both, but they’re not the starting point to stepping into the next moment. This module picks up where Module 1 left off by clearing more detailed influences affecting present moment living and increasing your awareness of how it feels to live in the present moment.

During this module, Ron’s focus will be to go deeper into releasing unresolved past experiences. He will be aligning and opening your entire being, establishing a foundation to help you live more fully in the moment and feel life to its fullest. By creating a stable and robust life with an understanding of what it is to be a spirit in human form, you will learn to live for the joy of experience itself.

The true nature of healing is not just the mending of a wound (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual), the recovery from a trauma, or the clearing of an illness or disease. Healing is a state of being that honors the essence of all systems that keep the body and spirit in perfect synchronicity. It is how the immune systems (body and spirit) correct and mend any deviation from its optimal and innate state of operation. It embraces all experiences in order to evolve the relationship between body and spirit, creating the ideal environment for the unified self to live its most vibrant and complete life.

During this module, Ron will be addressing any malalignments and their causes. He will be resolving these issues and helping facilitate your innate ability to live a more present and full life. He’ll be activating your ability to tap into an authentic way of healing, evolving your body by instilling the codes required to support your ever-expanding nature. As you come into alignment with your whole being, you’ll become capable of regenerating and evolving at a rate rarely experienced.

An essential component of any awakening/healing journey is to be centered and present as your spirit expresses itself through your life. Being centered and present within this human form is essential to embrace and experience all that life has to offer. To create ourselves in every moment, we must be centered, grounded, and present in the now. Therefore, we must be well practiced in bringing our awareness to a deeper state of embodiment. Embodiment is necessary to appreciate all that life is and can be. When we are in the now, we can create the most fulfilling life we could ever imagine.

During this module, Ron will be clearing what is interfering with your ability to be powerfully present within your body. He’ll be opening the connections that support your ability to be present in all situations, a vital life skill. As he immerses you in the energy dynamics of in-the-moment living, you will be drawn to live in this way in every moment without hesitation.

Your voice is a mastery-level gateway for your spirit to express itself in human form, making it the single most incredible tool we have for healing, alignment, creation, and embodiment. Your voice makes manifest frequencies that transcend space and time. It is an in-the-moment expression of your intent for all situations. Once embraced and mastered, your voice becomes a tool of limitless potential through which the spirit expresses its true self.

In this module, Ron will be reconstituting, revitalizing, and transforming your voice to help you harness this limitless power and tools for creation, healing, and change.

Throughout this module, Ron will be answering well-thought-out and concise email questions relevant to your experiences during the previous modules. During this Q&A, Ron will be working energetically with the group as a whole. He’ll also be supporting individual needs related to the AQH Mastery course and including anything relevant to the questions being explored.

The human body is not a stand-alone entity; it’s a direct creative expression of our spirit-self. To live a high-quality life, it is necessary to have a healthy and accurate relationship with the body. We must develop an intimate knowing of what it is and how it operates as a manifestation of our spirit. We must have a fundamental working relationship with the body and its various systems and learn to support it in a healthy manner.

Within this module, Ron will be awakening participants to:

  • An expansive relationship with and acceptance of the body for what it is—an expression of the spirit-self. He will also be addressing how the global reality affects the body and how embodying the higher truth of the cosmic reality will change the lens through which we see and live.
  • How the body is affected by thoughts, emotions, life experiences, family lineage, and past life influences.
  • A healthy, in-depth understanding of the body, its systems, and how to sense them which will bring clarity to what is required for optimum health and a fulfilled life.

Another level of self-awareness is the sensitivity to and knowledge of the spirit field, holographic matrix, human energy systems, and how they create the human form. A higher level of living requires higher levels of awareness. In choosing to live a more vital and expansive life, we must ask ourselves to live within a stream of consciousness that is more actively attentive to details—known and unknown. We must step into the arena of the unexplored in order to live lives beyond what we have experienced before. This requires us to acknowledge that we are spirits having a human experience and that our spirit essence creates our bodies. As we honor this truth, we will begin to develop a relationship with our energy systems which will significantly increase our quality of life.

During this module, Ron will be focusing on:

  • Releasing what is interfering with your ability to sense and align with your physical and non-physical energy systems.
  • Instilling, awakening, and growing higher-level access to your spirit-self, its wisdom, and its creative potential.
  • Healing the gap between your human form and spirit essence, creating a marriage of spirit and human dynamic.
  • Creating an active working relationship with your spirit-to-body dynamic and what it is to be embodied on the path to Becoming.

The true nature of life is the embodiment of spirit into form. Therefore, the next step of self-healing is to create an intimate and co-creative relationship between the etheric and physical plane of creation.

During this module, Ron will be bringing the group to a heightened state of awareness around:

  • Human Global Consciousness – How it influences the very nature of how you see yourself and life in this world.
  • Human Universal Consciousness – What this is and how to live within it.
  • Human Cosmic Consciousness – Aligning you with this fundamental essence from which all life is created.
  • What it truly is to be a spirit having a human experience and awakening you to your ability to be expressive of ever-increasing embodiment.
  • The nature of how to live these higher truths in all areas of your life.

This module is designed to integrate into your holographic matrix, energy systems, and biology the true evolutionary nature of your spiritual consciousness while bringing you to an actual state of embodiment, or what Ron calls the “Essence of Becoming.”

During this module, Ron will be creating the environment required to guide and integrate into your consciousness the matrix of life. This will happen at the highest level of awareness that you can access and sustain in the moment. He will be simultaneously setting your innate guidance system, or personal spirit GPS, which directs you on your journey to total awakening. This module will be rich in etheric, psychic, and physical details to activate your total being to its highest potential.

During this final module, Ron will be making all necessary adjustments to support the best outcome for the magnitude of work done throughout this program. He will be aligning each person and the group as a whole to their highest potential before taking one final leap to the next level within the New Human Consciousness.

This Accelerated Quantum Healing Mastery program is designed for anyone seeking personal healing, awakening, or higher growth, potential, and abundance in all areas of life.


Week 1 - Deconstructing How Your Body Operates
Sunday, March 14, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 2 - Living in Your Present Moment
Sunday, March 21, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 3 - The True Nature of Healing
Sunday, March 28, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 4 - Ground / Center / Breathe
Sunday, April 4, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 5 - Awakening Your True Voice
Sunday, April 11, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 5.5 - Midpoint Q&A - Live Q&A and healing session
Friday, April 16, 5:00pm-6:00pm PT/AZ

Week 6 - The Human Body
Sunday, April 18, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 7 - Energy Systems
Sunday, April 25, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 8 - The Communion/Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Sunday, May 2, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 9 - Alignment with the New Form of Human Consciousness
Sunday, May 9, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

Week 9.5 - Midpoint Q&A Live Q&A and healing session
Friday, May 14, 5:00pm-6:00pm PT/AZ

Week 10 - Final Purification, Alignment, and Upgrade
Sunday, May 16, 8:00am-9:30am PT/AZ

All modules have been updated, and each week will consist of 90 minutes of Frequency Healing work. Ron begins preparing the group a few days before the healing meditation on Sunday. As all the details coalesce, he energetically brings everyone into a higher state of consciousness, so they are fully ready for the FHI (Frequency Healing Intensive) on Sunday. Ron’s expertise in articulating simple and complex topics about life, consciousness, and spirituality are highly refined, and he can skillfully break down and explain this process to everyone involved.

Ron and his wife Angela will be doing Q&A sessions midway and at the endpoint of the program. They will be separate healing talks and intensives in-and-of themselves. This portion of the program is designed to help you see, hear, and feel how others are walking through their journey of awakening and healing and can bring about a greater understanding of the concepts and topics covered.

This program will support individuals at any experience level seeking a more vibrant spiritual journey to enhance their true knowing of self, family/personal relationships, business, health, wealth, and connection with Pure Source. All forms of practitioners, in any modality (holistic, health, medical, etc.), looking to enhance their abilities and expand their practice will benefit from Ron’s 20+ years of experience working with clients.

Whatever your motives are for participating in this program, you will find yourself:

  • Ascending to higher levels of awakening and embodiment.
  • Furthering your abilities and skills as a practitioner of any type.
  • Increasing your potential in all areas of life.
  • Opening and embracing your global human nature and potential.
  • Operating from a higher and more expansive perspective.

This process will seamlessly bring your Pure Spirit essence into your heart, consciousness, and higher self. The world in which we currently live is going through significant changes that require courage, strength, clarity, and perseverance. This program is designed to support you during these changing times while bringing you through a personal journey of becoming your true and pure self. We honor and welcome each of you into this powerful transformational journey of healing and Becoming at this time of human awakening and conscious evolution. We are walking together to strengthen our relationship with truth, with love as the foundation of who we are and how we choose to live. This is far more than just a personal quest; this is a movement of transcendence as we become whole within the New Human Consciousness.



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