If you are ready to use this unprecedented time in history to catapult yourself into the next wave of higher consciousness, please join Ron for this fall's Accelerated Quantum Healing Program. The Self Mastery segment of this series is designed to bring you to the next level of awakening in support of your innate ability to live a healthy, brilliant, and abundant life. This program is built on the foundation of God Essence/Pure Source frequencies, the core building blocks of all life. This process will infuse participants with the frequencies necessary to bring them quickly to the next level of growth. Through this process as momentum is established, every moment of your life will become a more pure expression of your spirit's highest vision of itself in all areas of your life.

This AQH Self Mastery Mastery module is a transformative 10-week program designed to release limitations in all areas of your life while opening you to the highest potential that resides within you. The AQH Mastery program is designed to bring you to an embodied knowing that life itself is a living, breathing matrix of the Essence of God/Pure Source.

Each week Ron will tap into your Source Holographic Blueprint and its frequencies at the Quantum level to address limiting factors affecting a person's ability to live a fulfilling, expansive, and high-quality life. Through this process of becoming more conscious in your life, you will expand and enrich your vital life force. You will also advance to a place where giving your power away to people and situations will no longer be an option, and you will begin to live a life of deep meaning and purpose, mastering your infinite potential.

10 Weeks of LIVE Online Transformational Frequency Healing Intensives

An Essential Series for Awakening to Higher Levels


Self Mastery - Awakening To Your Infinite Potential

Since the first of this year, Ron's abilities to work with the human blueprint and all its potential have been on a rapid upward trajectory. His work continues to make quantum leaps into a deeper understanding and working knowledge of what creates human life and how to work with the subtle nuances of what it takes to live a healthy, balanced and whole life.

As a result of these changes, Ron has come to embrace that it's time to bring this work into everything he offers more directly and with increased potency to help others transform the whole of their lives. This AQH Module will be the most complete, advanced, and intense application of his work to date. Breaking ground for a new way of living your life with a more significant presence, an increase in your true creative potential, and an amplification of your consciousness to become accessible in your moment-by-moment life.

This series has been updated to reflect Ron's work of accessing and transforming your current 2-stand carbon-based DNA model of life and transitioning you into a 12-strand crystalline-based DNA model, which will activate your access to higher levels of consciousness as well as higher levels of physical efficiency. This opening will create the environment to transform your body's genetic coding from regeneration and reproduction of your current body's cellular makeup to a more advanced and accurate reflection of the body's ability to generate itself from a perpetual state of evolutionary creation. Simply put, we currently regenerate from a fixed state expressive of the original genetic material and life experiences from birth. Ron will be creating the required frequencies and introducing the needed core programming to bring you to a natural state of evolutionary generation. Holding true to our potential to change at the supra-conscious and genetic levels as we are influenced by life experiences that evolve who we are and how we see ourselves and the world around us.

During each module, Ron will be addressing the following foundational areas within the transformational experience:

  • Deconstruction – Removing what is not your pure essence
  • Purification – Cleaning up from the deconstruction in preparation for the development of a strong foundation
  • Fundamentals & Foundation – Creating an evolvable base from which all life is created
  • Download and Upgrade – Bringing in innate frequencies and programming for growth and success in all areas of life
  • Awakening and Embodiment – Bringing the whole being to a higher state of existence
  • Purification and Refinement – Improving the relationship between spirit and form

Ron will be surveying your inner and outer self to gain a clear impression of where to start and prepare for where we are going during the duration of this program. He will create an environment for the whole person to awaken to their limitless potential by clearing the way, opening the channels, and creating the momentum for the body, mind, and spirit’s innate ability to heal, awaken, and thrive.

To set the basis for the transformation to come, we will be releasing and clearing:

• Lineage, patterns, and programs.
• Discordant Frequencies
• Various forms of attachments, influences, and controlling dynamics.

Throughout life we are influenced by the environment we live in, and more often than not, the environments are not truly reflective of what will provide us with the foundation of remembering and awaking to the true nature of who we are. Therefore, we develop ideas, view points, understandings, and impressions of life that are not necessarily expressive of higher awareness's and truths. Leading us to live imbalanced and often incomplete lives. In this module, Ron will be:

• Stripping away family and social patterning and programming that interferes with your ability to operate at the highest level of alignment and efficiency.

• Dismantling all forms of developed imbalances, compensations, and coping mechanisms

• Removing unhealthy family, religious, spiritual, and social lineage

• Clearing limiting beliefs, ideals, and other influences that are not innate and of your Pure Essence

By removing these overlays, we create a clean slate on which to build an evolvable foundation to live the vision of your highest and purest self. Freeing you to navigate life with a higher sense of and alignment with your intuitive nature.

Now that we have released the direct impact of family, social, religious, and spiritual influences it's time to step into higher realm of personal mastery which is the release of purposeful intent to control and manipulate others for personal gain at the expense of another. These intentional affects can be quite powerful and disruptive as they may not be as obvious as other forms of control. These mechanisms of control are purposefully brought into form as a result of deep pain and trauma. During this module Ron will be releasing and freeing you from all types and forms of curses, spells, dark forces, contracts, etc.

In order to create a strong and evolvable foundation, it is necessary to clear any remaining residue from the previous modules. Ron will be preparing and aligning the spirit, body, and mind to receive higher frequencies, Cosmic Truth and Wisdom, and codes for awakening and embodiment. Igniting your true passion for life and all it has the potential to create.

During this time Ron will be answering well thought out and concise emailed questions that are relevant to your experiences during this Mastery Module. As will all of his Q&A offerings, Ron is energetically working with the group as a whole while supporting all of the individual needs related to the Mastery course as a whole as well as what is related to the questions being explored.

Ron will be instilling the pure frequencies and programing of the True Universal Knowledge needed for the body to align cleanly and intimately with the Awakened Spirit. He will then be aligning you with and moving you into what it is to become your Pure Spirit Self.

This foundation will activate at the purest levels:

• Mind - Awakening and unifying of the human and universal mind to bring the guidance of your awakened spirit forth as your innate way of living.

• Body - Activating its ability to operate at ever-evolving levels of efficiency and effectiveness, while matching the growth of your spirit, and developing expanding levels of embodiment. Activating the Crystalline 12 Strand-DNA Light Body form of the New Human.

• Spirit - Awakening potentiality, creating the momentum to change and experience at a rate that supports your Purest Will.

• Bringing into action optimized functioning in all areas of life.

With this foundation of unshakeable stability, you will be able to create a life of limitless possibilities.

Ron will be answering well-thought-out and concise email questions relevant to your experiences throughout the AQH Mastery series. During this Q&A, Ron will be working energetically with the group as a whole and supporting individual needs related to the Mastery course, including anything relevant to the questions being explored.

During this module Ron will be supporting the body’s ability to address and recover from illness and injuries at the highest levels possible. He will then support awakening your bodies multidimensional nature, activating more fully its Crystalline Based 12-Strand DNA Model of biology and its ability to be an exciting part of the human experience. What this means for you is that he will be helping you become aware, aligned with, and fully participant in the process of loving the body you have as a magnificent part of the life you are here to live. Opening you to a new and ever expansive realm of spirit beauty moving through a physical form. He will be opening you to the awareness of this arena of living by releasing you from deeper constraints of the human condition of limitation, survival and suffering that so many operate within as normal. This module will clear this patterning while aligning you with the eternal nature of who you are as spirit, supporting your embodiment of being aware and conscious of this natural state of being.

We are far more than our five human senses. During this module Ron will be tapping into and awakening your unique intuitive abilities. To do this he will be releasing various forms of binding that limit your ability to trust and access how you sense and relate to the nonphysical aspect of being human, your spirit nature. He will then begin to open your ability to tap into your intuitive abilities more intimately, clearly, and fully, while making this areas of your sensory nature an active and integral part of your way of seeing and living in the world.

In this module, you will be downloading and awakening frequencies for optimal health, wellbeing, and success in all areas of life. Ron will instill and awaken the necessary frequencies to bring about more rapid transformation as you become more intimately aware of your spirit’s guidance in all of life’s situations. He will ignite your True Spirit Nature so you can live your best life as an expression of your infinite potential.

This module will include coding for:

• Healing
• Immunity for body and spirit
• Natural rhythms and cycles
• Relational balance within and between the mind, body, spirit, and emotions
• Relational balance between human-created dynamics (social, financial, psycho-spiritual, success, health, wellbeing, and aging)

In this module, Ron will be focusing on cleaning up and refining the details of all the previous modules to bring about a more expansive and well-rounded experience of a transformational and awakening process. In addition, he will be instilling even higher frequencies to refine and clarify what each individual requires within their own personal awakening and embodiment process. This module will also ignite and engage the innate nature of your spirit, helping you align more fully with Pure Source and your spirit’s ability to guide your life for the highest and best outcome.

Ron will be answering well-thought-out and concise email questions relevant to your experiences throughout the AQH Mastery series. During this Q&A, Ron will be working energetically with the group as a whole and supporting individual needs related to the Mastery course, including anything relevant to the questions being explored.

During this final module, Ron will be moving the group through an ultra-purification process to create a more stable, resilient and evolvable foundation upon which to create your most expansive and vibrant life. He will then instill even higher frequencies to evolve your whole being to the next level of an awakened consciousness, bringing you further into the embodiment of the life you yearn to live.


Week 1 - Preparation for the Journey of Becoming
Sunday October 10th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 2 - Breaking the Ties that Bind: Releasing distorting
influences of family, social and global lineage, past lives,
and more
Sunday October 17th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 3 - Removing Limiting Patterns, Programs, and
Influences from Spells, Curses, Implants, Contracts, and

Sunday October 24th, 18:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 4 - Purification: Cleaning Up in Preparation for the
Development of a Strong Foundation
Sunday October 31st, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 4.5 - Midpoint Live Q&A and Energetic Healing
Saturday November 13th, 8:00am – 9:00am PT

Week 5 - Creating the Optimal Foundation for
Evolutionary Living

Sunday November 14th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 6 - Awakening Your Bodies Innate Healing Abilities
Sunday November 21st, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 7 - Awakening Your Intuitive Nature
Sunday November 28th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 8 - Instilling Frequencies of Optimized Growth and
the True Nature of Success

Sunday December 5th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 9- Aligning with a Life of Awakening & Embodiment
Sunday December 12th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 9.5 - Midpoint Live Q&A and Energetic Healing
Saturday December 18th, 8:00am – 9:00am PT

Week 10 - Final Purification, Integration, & Embodiment of
Your True Spirit Nature

Sunday December 19th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

All modules have been updated, and each week will consist of 90 minutes of Frequency Healing work. Ron begins preparing the group a few days before the healing meditation on Sunday. As all the details coalesce, he energetically brings everyone into a higher state of consciousness, so they are fully ready for the FHI (Frequency Healing Intensive) on Sunday. Ron’s expertise in articulating simple and complex topics about life, consciousness, and spirituality are highly refined, and he can skillfully break down and explain this process to everyone involved.

Ron and his wife Angela will be doing Q&A sessions midway and at the endpoint of the program. They will be separate healing talks and intensives in-and-of themselves. This portion of the program is designed to help you see, hear, and feel how others are walking through their journey of awakening and healing and can bring about a greater understanding of the concepts and topics covered.

This program will support individuals at any experience level seeking a more vibrant spiritual journey to enhance their true knowing of self, family/personal relationships, business, health, wealth, and connection with Pure Source. All forms of practitioners, in any modality (holistic, health, medical, etc.), looking to enhance their abilities and expand their practice will benefit from Ron’s 20+ years of experience working with clients.

Whatever your motives are for participating in this program, you will find yourself:

  • Ascending to higher levels of awakening and embodiment.
  • Furthering your abilities and skills as a practitioner of any type.
  • Increasing your potential in all areas of life.
  • Opening and embracing your global human nature and potential.
  • Operating from a higher and more expansive perspective.

This process will seamlessly bring your Pure Spirit essence into your heart, consciousness, and higher self. The world in which we currently live is going through significant changes that require courage, strength, clarity, and perseverance. This program is designed to support you during these changing times while bringing you through a personal journey of becoming your true and pure self. We honor and welcome each of you into this powerful transformational journey of healing and Becoming at this time of human awakening and conscious evolution. We are walking together to strengthen our relationship with truth, with love as the foundation of who we are and how we choose to live. This is far more than just a personal quest; this is a movement of transcendence as we become whole within the New Human Consciousness.


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Accelerated Quantum Healing Mastery Series Fall 2021

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