This transformational 10-week program is designed to enhance and accelerate your journey from awakening to embodiment and release limitations in all areas of your life. Each week Ron will tap into your Source Holographic Blueprint and its frequencies at the Quantum level to address limiting factors affecting a person’s ability to live a fulfilling, expansive, and high-quality life. Through this process of becoming more conscious at all levels and in all aspects of your life, you will step away from losing your vital life force. You will advance to a place where giving your power away to people and situations will no longer be acceptable, and you will begin to live a life of deep meaning and purpose.

This series has been updated and elevated to reflect what humanity requires at this time to break free of all limiting influences. It is also reflective of Ron’s personal upgrades in his ability to get to your core issues while bringing into form profound and lasting changes for those searching for the ability to live a transformative life at your highest potential.

The “Awakening to Embodiment” segment of this series is designed to bring you to the next level of awakening in support of your innate ability to live a healthy, brilliant, and abundant life. This program is built on the foundation of Pure Source frequencies, the core building blocks of all life. Throughout this process, participants will be infused with the frequencies necessary to bring them quickly to the next level of growth. Once momentum is established, every moment of your life will become a pure expression of your spirit’s highest vision in all areas of your life.

10 Weeks of LIVE Online Transformational Frequency Healing Intensives

An Essential Series for Awakening to Higher Levels



The Accelerated Quantum Healing Mastery series is a transformative 10-week program designed to release limitations in all areas of your life while opening you to the highest potential that resides within you. The AQH is designed to bring you  to an embodied knowing that life itself is a living, breathing matrix of the Essence of God.

Each week Ron will tap into your spirit essence, its holographic blueprint, and frequencies at the quantum level to address limiting factors affecting your ability to live a fulfilling, expansive, and high-quality life. Through this process of becoming more conscious in all levels of life, you will evolve to a higher state of being, bringing forth a healthy and passionate life rich in meaning and purpose.

This series has been updated and amplified to reflect what humanity requires at this time in order to break free of limiting influences. It will help you to align with your greatest potential and become passionate about living your highest truth. This program’s evolution reflects Ron’s increasing ability to get to your core issues while bringing into form profound and lasting changes.

The “Awakening to Embodiment” module is a unique process designed to activate the passion for living your pure spirit nature as the center point of who you are and how you choose to be in this world. During this program, you will embark on a journey designed to free you of limiting factors in all areas of life, creating a solid and evolvable foundation to support your higher truths in becoming your spirit-based reality. As you are guided into a deeper, centered, and peaceful state of awareness, the process of awakening and embodiment will take form. Through this process, you create a natural state of alignment with your ability to maintain and expand your innate potential, passion, and courage to live a life expressive of peace, joy, and ease.

During each module, Ron will be addressing the following foundational areas within the transformational experience:

  • Deconstruction – Removing what is not your pure essence
  • Purification – Cleaning up from the deconstruction in preparation for the development of a strong foundation
  • Foundation – Creating an evolvable base from which all life is created
  • Download and Upgrade – Bringing in innate frequencies and programming for growth and success in all areas of life
  • Awakening and Embodiment – Bringing the whole being to a higher state of existence
  • Purification and Refinement – Improving the relationship between spirit and form

Humanity is in a continual state of evolution. With each stage of growth, everything that makes up what we consider being human must adjust to support higher levels of function. Add to this that we are amid a quantum leap of global change, and it begins to become apparent that we require a significant upgrade.

During this module, Ron will be bringing you through an in-depth process of deconstructing and begin the upgrade of your Holographic Matrix. This deconstruction will lay the foundation of aligning and awakening your ability to be more embodied of your spirit, to live as your true pure unified self.

In life, more activity is going on within and around us than ever before, making it difficult to know how to decipher it all. In life, any action can support your ability to know yourself at intimate levels. The key is gaining enough personal stability, self-awareness, and self-trust to be able to navigate through it all more cleanly.

In this module, Ron will release what is affecting your ability to become more effective and efficient at being able to engage with and utilize all the information within and around you. Then he will activate and instill any fundamental frequencies and experiences to bring forth greater ease in navigating all areas of life.

Duality is the foundation of the universe itself, yet we have a limited understanding of it and its true nature. To truly awaken and transform to the embodiment of the New Human, we must begin to operate from the true essence and potential of duality.

This module will bring you into a higher working relationship with what duality is. Ron will be releasing the deepest layer of imbalance and misunderstandings of duality while creating a reliable working and knowing of what it is and how to live from this higher truth.

The nature of healing, as we understand it, is a tiny fraction of what it truly is. At the quantum level, healing is more of a highly intricate, detailed, and refined dance of intent, frequencies, energetics, and spirit. From this state of awareness, you being to see, sense, and engage your life and the world around you from a higher level of detailed appreciation.

Within this module, Ron will be bringing you to a highly detailed and intimate understanding and working relationship with the essence of what he calls Quantum Living. Through the frequency/energy work of this realm, he will bring new and more expansive streams of self-knowing and connection that will bring about the opportunity of a more detailed working understanding in all areas of life.

This world has created a form of time, which I term linear progressive, that is used for timing, measurement, and meaning. The challenge with this form of relating with time is that it often creates binding and dysregulation of natural rhythms and cycles. To live a truly balanced and ease-filled life, we must step into our timeless state of being.

During this module, Ron will release you from the limitations of time-bound earth-based reality while opening you to and aligning with the essence of timelessness and the timeless space existence itself. He will begin opening you to sense and experience how it is to live within the nature of timeless space or timing based reality. This day will prepare you for the next module, The Essence of Nonlinear Living and Timing Based Reality.

Ron will be answering well-thought-out and concise email questions relevant to your experiences throughout the AQH Mastery series. During this Q&A, Ron will be working energetically with the group as a whole and supporting individual needs related to the Mastery course, including anything relevant to the questions being explored.

Time and linear progressive living is strictly a human construct. They create various forms of measurement, valuation, goal setting, as well as past, present, and future visioning. These forms of reference are all part of a system of living that has progressively limited human potential. I state this because the foundation of our very existence is timing based and linear. The pure quality of life is based on a clear and present intent-based focus that uses timing of how all aspects of an idea come together—bringing forth a whole and harmonious expression of creation.

In this module, Ron will create the environment and awaken everyone's ability to begin accessing actual timeless space. Opening pathways within participants can understand, sense, and become aware of how to see and live life from the place of timing-based reality.

Within the world, as we know it, we are often limited to our five senses. To truly expand into beings of true limitless nature in a physical form, we must begin opening ourselves to the many levels of life's untapped potential. For this to occur, we will journey into The Dance of Universal and Cosmic Knowing.

During this module, Ron will expose and explore the nature of our earth plane existence within the universe as we know it while laying the foundation for a higher-level understanding and working relationship with the cosmic platform from which the universe was created. As he explores these realms of existence, Ron will be working with your holographic matrix, all your energy systems, and the essence of what creates your physical body and all its components.

Within the previous module, Ron aligned and awakened you to your Universal and Cosmic Nature. Now it is time to step more purposefully and intimately to make manifest all that you have the ability to be in these human forms.

In this module, Ron will be working more deeply with your pure essence, from spirit to physical form. Releasing more refined limiting factors affecting your ability to access and live higher dimensional truths. Then refining the work from the last module and bringing you further into the beginning stages of your Awakened Cosmic Essence and creating an elevated state of consciousness and a more efficient and resilient body.

Now that we have moved through multiple release levels, refinement, and elevation, it's time to awaken the real light body. The light body as it relates to this work occurs as a person releases enough of the old ways of being human and increasingly embodies and lives the higher nature of the spirit into and through the body. Open more ways of living a life of the highest order of truth.

In this module, Ron will be moving deeper into your spirit essence while re-patterning and aligning your natural systems in unison to bring forth an increasingly refined and efficient manifestation of not only your spirit body and presence but your physical body and life as well. This day will bring about more substantial opportunities to become clear and in-tune with your innate knowledge and how to live it with increased ease.

Ron will be answering well-thought-out and concise email questions relevant to your experiences throughout the AQH Mastery series. During this Q&A, Ron will be working energetically with the group as a whole and supporting individual needs related to the Mastery course, including anything relevant to the questions being explored.

As we own/embody that we are spirit having a human experience, it becomes necessary to accept that life is far more than just a three-dimensional reality. We must acknowledge, embrace, and align with this expanded reality by creating a world with the foundational truth that we are multidimensional. As we change and begin living at higher levels of consciousness, we begin to bring forth a physical life honoring of this higher way of being.

During this final module, Ron will be opening each of you to your multidimensional essence. Releasing personal, lineage, and global limitations of what it is to be human. He will then weave in higher life truths as part of this growth process. As this multidimensional reality awakens within you, it will begin opening your eyes to higher states of universal knowledge. Creating opportunities to live a life of greater ease and increased potentiality in all areas of your life.


Week 1 - Spirit Body Deconstruction
Sunday June 27th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 2 - Filtering Through the Noise of Life
Sunday July 4th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 3 - Non Dualistic Living
Sunday July 11th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 4 - The True Nature of Quantum Healing
Sunday July 18th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 5 - The Essence of Timeless Space and How To Live It
Sunday July 25th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 5.5 - Q&A
Saturday July 31st, 8:00am – 9:00am PT

Week 6 - The Nature of Nonlinear Living and Timing Based Reality
Sunday August 1st, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 7 - The Dance of Universal and Cosmic Knowing
Sunday August 8th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 8 - Knowing Your Cosmic Nature as Your Awakened Self
Sunday August 15th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 9- Awakening Your True Light Body
Sunday August 22nd, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

Week 9.5 - Q&A
Saturday August 28th, 8:00am – 9:00am PT

Week 10 - Opening to Your Multidimensional Self and Aligning with the Multiverse
Sunday August 29th, 8:00am – 9:30am PT

All modules have been updated, and each week will consist of 90 minutes of Frequency Healing work. Ron begins preparing the group a few days before the healing meditation on Sunday. As all the details coalesce, he energetically brings everyone into a higher state of consciousness, so they are fully ready for the FHI (Frequency Healing Intensive) on Sunday. Ron’s expertise in articulating simple and complex topics about life, consciousness, and spirituality are highly refined, and he can skillfully break down and explain this process to everyone involved.

Ron and his wife Angela will be doing Q&A sessions midway and at the endpoint of the program. They will be separate healing talks and intensives in-and-of themselves. This portion of the program is designed to help you see, hear, and feel how others are walking through their journey of awakening and healing and can bring about a greater understanding of the concepts and topics covered.

This program will support individuals at any experience level seeking a more vibrant spiritual journey to enhance their true knowing of self, family/personal relationships, business, health, wealth, and connection with Pure Source. All forms of practitioners, in any modality (holistic, health, medical, etc.), looking to enhance their abilities and expand their practice will benefit from Ron’s 20+ years of experience working with clients.

Whatever your motives are for participating in this program, you will find yourself:

  • Ascending to higher levels of awakening and embodiment.
  • Furthering your abilities and skills as a practitioner of any type.
  • Increasing your potential in all areas of life.
  • Opening and embracing your global human nature and potential.
  • Operating from a higher and more expansive perspective.

This process will seamlessly bring your Pure Spirit essence into your heart, consciousness, and higher self. The world in which we currently live is going through significant changes that require courage, strength, clarity, and perseverance. This program is designed to support you during these changing times while bringing you through a personal journey of becoming your true and pure self. We honor and welcome each of you into this powerful transformational journey of healing and Becoming at this time of human awakening and conscious evolution. We are walking together to strengthen our relationship with truth, with love as the foundation of who we are and how we choose to live. This is far more than just a personal quest; this is a movement of transcendence as we become whole within the New Human Consciousness.


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